Into the wild by Sean Penn (2007)

I would like to present a film that I really liked : Into the wild. This film is from a writter-director Sean Penn. The story was based on the best seller by Jon Krakawer. And this film was inspired by the true story.

Just graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, the main character Christopher Mc Candless played by Emil Hisch, 22 years old, was promised a bright future. However, turning his back on the confortable existence without surprise that awaits him, the young man decides to take the road by leaving everything behind him. He breaks away from his student's life. He sends the money he has saved to a charity organisation. He want's to start a new life.
Thus, he leaves. He passes through the tumultuous waters of the Dakota, to Colorado through the hippies of California communities. Chritopher will then meen extraordinnary people. Finally, at the end of his trip, Christopher achieves his ultimate goal by venturing alone in the wild expanse of Alaska to live in total harmony with nature in loneliness.

This film is deeply,moving and captiving film. and Into the wild is not just an entertainment, it allows everyone to think to question his own destiny. The director takes us on board a high adventure profoundly original. Then, it's a road movie which can hesitates between On the road by Kerouac and Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.

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  1. I adore this movie too. It permits to escape from reality, binds ourselves to the nature and thinks about a new way of life. It is true this movie puts into question a lots of things in your life. Does it a good thing to have a monotonous life ?
    I would like to do a road trip one day because I worked on the journey and its advantages for my « Assisted Cross Curricular Project » (TPE) and it completly inspired me.

  2. Oh I really loved this film, it’s quite similar to the book written by Jon Krakauer. The soundtrack composed by Eddie Vedder fits perfectly with each moment. Good choice !

  3. I saw this film and found that you have very beutiful landscapes, pictures. But I found it a little slow so a little boring. The book is more interesting. However I am agree with Victoria : this story permits everyone to question himself.

  4. This film is wonderful… Sean Penn proves that he’s, with this film, a great director. All the cast is perfect too !

  5. This road trip is incredible. The main character is restless, he wants to discover a different world. He has taste for danger but he is going to be had. He lives from hand to mouth . What we have to realize is that we are in a society and if we don’t go with the flow, nature is going to destroy us. But this movie permits to escape from the reality. We can see a magnificient landscape, a uncommon life. He is courageous for that.

  6. I watched this film last summer and I really loved it. I find the end of the movie very sad and I cried when I watched it ! The main character is someone so interresting and we have to enjoy him.

  7. I never saw this film! The comments are very differents but globally this movie seems to have pleased! I will maybe see it!

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