Harry Potter seen by Jon Cozart

   Jon Cozart, is a 20 years old american student, also known as Paint, who makes songs on Youtube. He get famous with a song about Harry Potter : he makes a summary of the famous movies by singing on the original musical theme. It’s a funny way to discover the saga if you didn’t see it (I think everyone had seen at least one of the Harry Potter‘s movies !) In this video he sum up the seven movies in 99 seconds!


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  1. What a nice way to sum up the story ; I think this idea is well found, the text is quite precise and not too long. It really makes you want to discover the whole serie.

  2. Yeah but he get famous because of « After ever After » which is a video that rich 26 million of viewers on YouTube and particularly known on Facebook, not for the Harry Potter song.

  3. This is really great, I congratulate and thank you for making discover me this video. This is a good way to discover the saga and soundtracks!

  4. I know him thanks to Maxence with his video « after ever after ». He’s a really good singer, and I like the way he presents the story of Harry Potter.

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