8 thoughts on “Movie : Frankenstein

  1. I don’t want to see this film because of sequel. In fact, many elements are ridiculous : vampires, for example. I don’t like this.

  2. I’ve heard that it what was a new film about Frankenstein, but I didn’t see it. It seems interesting !

  3. I saw it and i found it was really dissappointing! The story told is really superficial and this film is only based on special effects ( like a lot of blockbusters unfortunately)

  4. I’ve never seen this movie, but if they are vampires, as Sarah said, I find that’s a little ridiculous; the original story is not respected at all!

  5. I wrote a post about this movie but it is not published. I think this movie is not very good, he tries to mix the success of the moment (vampires) with good stories like Frankenstein but I think the result is average.

  6. I never seen this adaptation but I don’t like the other adaptation because the monster and transformation of this , afraid me …

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