Danny Elfman and films’musique

Danny Elfman is an american composer who was born in 1953 in Texas. He was a leader of a group of rock and  new wave called Oingo Boingo. He is more famous for  his composition of musique of film like for films by Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow,…) or by Sam Raimi (Darkman, Oz: The great and powerful,…). He wrote also the musical themes of famous TV serial’s credit like the credits of The Simpson or Desperate Housewives. He participe too to creat the musique of a videogame, Fable.

I find his musique very interesting. It permits really to create an atmosphere in films. I remember when I listen the soundtrack of Sleepy Hollow I was scared! In Alice Wonderland, It complate the wonder of the story and his non-sence with sound who we don’t understand, mysterious sound. In this film we aren’t scared but intrigued.

For me, the musique by Danny Elfma completes really films. We are absorbed by an universe. If we don’t have it, films will become very boring. Don’t you think?

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