Peter Pan

Today I want to write about another adaptation from a fantasy novel. It’s the really famous story of Peter Pan or The Boy who wouldn’t grow up. The novel was written in 1911 by J.M Barry who is Scottish.

As everybody knows, the story is about Peter, a young boy who can fly and who lives in Neverland with Tinker Bell and the Lost Boys. He meets Wendy Darling, her brothers and bring them to his land where they will meet Tiger Lily and Captain Hook and live some fabulous adventures.

But I’m here to write about the adaptation directed by J.P Hogan and released in 2004. I think it’s quite interesting because we are used to know the Walt Disney’s animation version but this one is with real actors and I found that the effect is totally different. To me the story seems more real (I dreamed that the Neverland existed…) and there’s a real effort for the sets and the costumes. I was really surprised by the cast ; the childs are good at playing, especially Peter(Jeremy Sumpter) : his expressions seemed very realistic,he is really active and good looking (haha forget this argument). I liked Captain Hook’s role too, Jason Isaacs is really fun and his play is really convincing.This film is not boring at all even if it’s for kids; they are a lot of plot twists and the Tinker Bell’s character is really well elaborated; I think it was a good choice. We can easily believe in the story and appreciate it. By the way I noticed the soundtrack that is really nice but a little bit too much present.

Overall, it’s a good production that is timless.

This is my favourite scene from all the film : the fairy dance is real poetic moment broken by the doubt : Can Peter have real feelings although he is still a child ?

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  1. I agree with you! It seems more realistic, the landscape is magnificient and the actors play very well.

  2. I’m mad of this movie ! The atmosphere is really poetic and the actors so great!

  3. I know what you want to say…This feeling of belonging to an imaginary universe…and the impossibility to go in , it’s sad!

  4. Peter Pan is The hero, I love this story. A child that never grow, it’s wonderful !

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