Snow White and the Hunstman

I would talk about a movie that I particularly adore. This is Snow White and the Hunstman directed by Rupert Sanders, with Kirsten Stewart (Twilight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Charlize Theron (Dior). It is the adaptation from the tail Snow White written by Grimm brother. I find this movie well directed, there are a dark atmosphere all along and some touch of poesy when the Snow White is close to the nature. The dwarves bring a humorous side and the love story between the Hunstman and Snow White stay subjective so it break the stereotype of the Prince Charming.

As Kristen Stewart said in an interview of the magazine Première « …we took the tail and we underlined from black the line that Disney had colored before… » I am agree with this, the Queen appears realy vicious and horrible, Snow White seems to be more emancipated and robust and on the opposite of the tail, the Hunstman has a heart and feelings.

The film technics made by computer are still necesary to see what the director has in his head. It permits again to enter in the kingdom of Rupert Sanders and to settle the story in a faraway area and in an dark atmosphere.

I advise you to watch this movie !!!

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  1. I like this movie too. But, personally, i prefer Snow White the version with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts. This version respect better the basic history and Lilly Collins is very impressive and a very good Snow White.

  2. I like so much this adpation of Snow White. It’s original without change the basic story.

  3. I saw this movie and I don’t like it. I remember that I thought: « it’s a commercial film ». I think that the choice of Kristen Stewart like snow white is with the aim to attracted twilight’s public, so win money. But with your article, I will watch again this film and I can be see with an other point of vew it.

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