Alice In Wonderland : a beautiful and magic world

I will talk about Alice In Wonderland.
First, i like very much fantasy world. You know, supernatural powers, strange animals or land, mad story or impossible time for exemple. Second, i love Tim Burton’s movies. So, i just can love this movie a lot.

Tim Burton can transport all kind of people, all age with his beautiful work. We can quote Bittlejuice, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas (my favorite) and Dark Shadows.
But for me, Alice In Wonderland is one of his best work. Yes, of course, the actors are just amazing, the basic history wonderful and the settings wondrous.. But this is the music that i love the most ! We can close our eyes, and only with the music, we are in Wonderland, with Alice, and we live what she lives and mainly how she lives the events.
Music made by Danny Elfman are just.. Wonderful.
This one is my favorite :

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  1. Johnny Depp as The Hatter is nice, in fact Tim burton gave many roles to Johnny Depp in many of his films (my favorite Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) 🙂

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