Easy Rider

In the unit 3, we saw an extract of Easy Rider. It’s an american road movie directed by Dennis Hopper in 1969. the two main characters are Wyatt (Peter Fonda) et Billy (Dennis Hopper). this film show the evolution of mentality in the 70′

At the beginning, Wyatt and Billy sell a large amount of drug and buy their motorbikes, they decide to leave Los Angeles to go to New-Orleans at the carnival. Billy puncture his tire and they stop in the farm. Then they continue with a hippie hitchhiker who drive to an hippie town. they stay some days and wyatt helps to plant a cereal and  the hippie tell « a simple food for our simple taste », this crue show a lifestyle of these people.

Later the pair enter in a parade in a small town and they are arrest by racist policemen who send them to the jail. They meet Georges Hanson (Jack Nicholson) a drunk lawyer. George helps them get out of jail and he hits the road with Wyatt and Billy to New-Orleans. One night while they come in the restaurant in the small town in Louisiana, Wyatt, Billy and George attract attention of policeman and an habitant who make fun of trio, make racist and homophobic remarks. The girls ( sixteen years old about) in the restaurant wants meet the riders but the policeman forbidden them. Georges observes that Americans talk a lot about the value of freedom, but are actually afraid of anyone who truly exhibits it. he tell « This used to be a hell of a good country. I can’t understand what’s gone wrong with it » he don’t understand the actual mentality. During the night the men find the trio asleep and hit them with the bat and they kill Georges.

When they arrived in New-Orleans  the bikers meet two prostitutes whom swallow a LSD pill in the cemetery (during the shot they swallow a true LSD pill), this experience is shot with psychedelic approach. It’s the end of his trip but Wyatt want continue to Florida, on the road two rednecks see the riders and when they arrive level with them, the local shoot billy with a fusil and he fall on the side. Wyatt turns around and put his jacket on his hurt friend. the pickup turn around and when they pass near Wyatt, a redneck shoot on the gas tank and he causing it instantly explosion of the bike. This film ends on this scene when wyatt and Billy are apparently dead.

this road movie won the first film award in 1969 at the Cannes film festival. I enjoyed the soundtack of this film and I like to the look bring this film on the hippie and bikers. this morality is that the people are jealous of people who are very free.

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