Edward Scissorhands by Tim Burton

Edward Scissorhands is an American romantic fantasy film directed by Tim Burton in 1990. Edward (plays by Johnny Depp) is an artificial man who has received a heart to love and a brain to understand, but, because of his creator’s death, he has never received hands, and was obliged to live with scissors as hands.

This is the story of a young man named Edward, who has scissors for hands.One day, Peg Boggs (plays by Dianne Wiest), an cosmetics saleswoman, visits a Gothic manor which seems to be abandoned. But, when she enters in the garden, she sees that all bushes are graven. Intrigued, she comes into the manor and discovers Edward, completely alone. Upon realizing he is harmless, she decides to take him to her home. Edward becomes friend with Peg’s son, Kevin, and her husband Billy, and he falls in love with Peg’s daughter, Kim (plays by Winona Ryder), even she is afraid of him. The innocent and naive Edward discovers gradually the life, and even if he is not loved of all , he trys to make his best to be accepted.
But, Peg’s neighbors are really sincere and nice with the young Edward ? And life is for him a paradise ? What happen next with Kim ? I let you discover by seeing the film !

If you love Tim Burton universe, you will love Edward Scissorhands ! The film is full of emotion and poetry, with a little touch of fun ! Even if at that time, Depp was young, he played perfectly the shy, sweet, tortured and innocent Edward ! It is fun because this film was the first – of a long serie – collaboration of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Also, the soundtrack made by Danny Elfman is really beautiful ! (Main Title music and Ice Dance music). Burton considers Edward Scissorhands his most personal and favorite work.

I think it is one of the best film directed by Tim Burton, maybe because I it the first Burton film I’ve seen. At the end, I always pour a tear because Edward is so touching and moving ..

Soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands

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  1. I have seen this movie and i think that it’s a great love story. As often happens in his movie, Tim Burton create a solitary, shy and eccentric character (play by Jhnny Deep). And it’s this character that is interesting.

  2. The « first » real role for Johnny Depp and another succes for Tim Burton

  3. I think it’s much than a love story… for me this film shows the behavior of the society facing someone or something different and it’s about creation like in Frankestein: a man try to give life. Moreover it shows an adaptation or an attempt to addapt of someone in a new world for him. But yes I am agree with you about poetry and the charactere of Edward!

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