James Bond

James Bond it’s a fiction character. Initialy it was a novel written by Ian Fleming (former secret agent). This novel it’s directed at the cinema for the first time in 1954 and the last it’s Skyfall. In the movie encountered James in a paradise island, he pretends to be dead. At th end he save M. His childhood home encountered, his name is Skyfall like this name of the movie. The song Skyfall it’s created by Adèle for this movie.

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  1. I love the James Bond’s saga and i think « skyfall » is the best movie with Daniel Craig in James Bond ,much better than « casino Royal » and « Quantum of solace » .

  2. I like the James Bond’saga too and I love the music by Adele in Skyfall. But I am despointed that films don’t follow the books. The charactere of Ian Fleming is very different in many points than the main charactere of the films… Moreover today: James Bond of the book is a big smoker, portly, he can’t swim because he is asthmatic if I have a good memory… So not like the character played by Daniel Craig, I think now that without the « 007 », M or Q, it’s just good action films, which don’t call James Bond.

  3. Personally, I was disappointed because I found Daniel Craig doesn’t represent very well the character of James Bond.

  4. I agree with Morgane. In my opinion, the soundtrack is better than the movie itself

  5. I was never attracted by James Bond’s movies, maybe except with Sean Connery. But I think there are too much sagas with different actors ..

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