the first adaptation of Alice in Wonderland

It’s a 1903 british silent movie directed by Cecil Hepworth, it’s first adaptation of Lewis Carrol’s book. I enjoyed this movie event if it was damaged, the special effect were realistic for the time. In this movie only recognizes the best time of children’s book. 

when Alice dream who follows the rabbit in many doors, when she come in the garden and play with dog, the height effect with the dog are excellent. We also seen the royal procession where the queen invite Alice. She unintentional offends the queen and in the confusion she wakes up.

the duration of this movie is eight minutes which is short but for the time is exceptional. I crazy about of this old film

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  1. Yes, I agree with you, effects were pretty good for the period, and also the story is easy to understand, but I didn’t particularly adore the movie!

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