The Hobbit (2012)

Have you ever seen the Hobbit, the film released in 2012? It’s the first one of the recent Tolkien’s cinema adaptation. I saw it at the theatre and I found it well done, even if it was a little bit too long (it lasts 2hours 45) !

I thought the pictures were sometimes linked too quickly, but the effects were clean, and the film sets were beautiful. The technology is probably responsible of a big part of the work, but the sets and the costumes are well chosen and done. The actors are good, and the spectator has sympathy for the characters, especially for the Hobbit.

I prefer this adaptation rather than the previous, because the special effects appeared me easily, and it spoiled me the pleasure to look at a film. So I had a good impression and it made me want to read the books. I had tried before, but I was young and Tolkien’s writing appeared me difficult. I think I will try another time, because he created a fantastic world, like some of modern authors who wrote stories for the youth ( Rowling, Bottero…).

Maybe I was influenced by the enthusiasm of my little brother who is an absolute fan, but I would advise you to see it!

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