Tim Burton’s adaptation

Alice in Wonderland is a film directed by Tim Burton and written by Linda Woolverton (from the novel by Lewis Carroll) for Walt Disney Pictures, with Johnny Depp. The film was released in the United States in 2010. After the adaptation in full-length animated Alice in the Wonderland dated 1951, the studio commissioned Tim Burton to direct a new adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s novels, entitled The Adventures of Alice in the Wonderland (1865) and On the other side of the mirror (1871). This is a fantastic animated film.

Alice Kingsley is a girl who is nineteen years old. She has a boundless imagintation which attracts her a lot of trouble. Her father’s death affected her so she became quite cold and sarcastic. An afternoon, Alice is sought in marriage by Hamish Ascot, an arrogant Lord and very little seductive. At this moment, Alice see a strange white rabbit that has a pocket watch. She follows him. Alice runs away. She said that this marriage arrives a little too quickly. She arrives in front of a curious dead trunk tree. Alice falls in a rabbit hole, in darkness. She arrives in a world opposite of his own : the Wonderland. She will meet a cast of strange characters (the famous White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, the Dormouse, the twins Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee and in particular, the Mad Hatter whose real name is Tarrant Hightopp) and find themselves confronted the paradox, absurdity and strange… Alice doesn’t know what happened to Wonderland. She learns that the Red Queen with his Valet red, took power by releasing the Jabberwocky, a frightening monster. Alice will have to ally with the crazy Mad Hatter and the White Queen in order to get rid of the tyranny of the Red Queen and restore justice and peace.

In my opinion, this adaption is the better because of her special effetcs for example. This film directed by Tim Burton uses a combinaison of actual shooting and the animation technique. The result is surprising and amazing !



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  1. I agree with your opinion and I want to say that Tim Burton’s adaptation is nice for his modernity.

  2. I find this adaptation is great and wonderful ! I adore the aestheticism of Tim Burton’s movies. He has his own wonderland and in Alice in Wonderland he successes to carry us away in his dark and poetic universe !

  3. I have really love this movie because there is ,in my opinion a unusual adaptation and Tim Burton give a true personality to the characters.

  4. Tim Burton is the best director ever ! I love his movie, particularly Alice’s character. For me she really represents the girl of the book. Enjoy it !

  5. I agree with you, Tim Burton uses very well the animation technique and the adaptation is great.

  6. I find this adaptation is great and original, a sequel possible while remaining in the story with these bases.

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