Final Fantasy; The novel!

If you know Final Fantasy, the video game created by Square Enix, which is, in my opinion, one of the better role plays than I have ever tried, maybe you could read the written version, « The legend: Final Fantasy VII ».
It is appeared in book in July,2013. This book is a real tribute for the fifteen years of the video game, which was born in 1997. I propose this book, but naturally there are others volumes, all rather voluminous!
All the stories are well detailed, and we really find the fantastic universe of the basic game. It is of approximately 330 pages and for the price, it’s around twenty euros.
I recommend it for all those who having appreciated the video game!

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  1. I know the video game « Final Fantasy » but I don’t think that there isn’t a book. In the video game the story is very interesting, so is very well that this story was turned in book ! I recommend also the video game because it’s good and the graphics are beautiful.

  2. It’s perfect I enyoy Final Fantasy and buy the book immediately !
    Final fantasy is a first video game which use a 3D handwriting and he was sold a ten millions copy !!

  3. I have never played this game but I have already played the music of this game. It can be interesting to read this book. thank you.

  4. I’ve already played Final Fantasy game but I didn’t know there isn’t a book ! I like so much the graphism of this game but however I don’t like play it…
    I don’t know if you know but Final Fantasy exist too in animated moovie. I think that it can be pleasant to read it !

  5. Yes Nina, I know the movie, but I find it less interesting than the book or the video game! And yeeees Heloiiiise, graphics are so wonderful!!!!!

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