Lord of Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding and published in 1954. It known a great success in 1960, and is often given for reading in colleges and schools, even if there are a lot of violent scenes (the most are at the end).

This is the story of a group of childrens, who survived after a plane crash. They decide to instaure in the island a little society, to survive as long as possible. They elect Ralph (one of the most intelligent child) to keep order. The young boy’s goal is to maintain a smoke signal with fire, to have chance to be spotted by a boat. He also decide to take a conch as rallying sign. « Piggy » is also one of the most intelligent child in the whole island, and Ralph’s best friend , but he’s always bullied because he’s obese, and myopic. Over days, the children’s society is deteriorated, and tensions are strong between Ralph and Jack, who is his perfect opposite : he’s violent, pessimistic and impetuous. Two clans will form, with the apparition of a mysterious beast ..

Lord of the Flies is a great novel, because Golding make the satire of the real society. Every character represents a characteristic of the society (for example, Ralph represents the democracy, Piggy the knowledge but also the weakness, and Jack the warrior power..)

House Rules by Jodi Picoult

I worked on this book for the Tpe, and I managed to read this huge book in English. Jodi Picoult is an American writer born in 1966. His book tells the story of an autistic child with asperger syndrome, reached seriously, he does not understand everything  that we told him and is enclosed in his bubble. Passionate of crime scene because, yes he has outsized intelligence, it will be accused to the murder of her guardian. It must be read,because we better understand the suffering of parents, relatives and autism itself, this book opens our eyes to the disease.

After this book, my judgment on autism has changed because yes it may not be normal but they are still human beings after all. All my respect to the author who has a good approach to the topic.

At the Mountains of Madness

At the Mountains of Madness is a novel written by H.P. Lovecraft, published in 1931. He was a famous American writer in the early twentieth century. He wrote in the style of horror, fantasy and science fiction. The author became famous thanks to the myth that he invented: Cthulhu Mythos. The novel is written in the first person by Professor William Dyer. He will reveal secrets about an Antarctic expedition. The professor and other scientists will discover unknown specimens. They are very old, therefore they are called the « Elder Things ». After several events and disappearances the professor Dyer finds a very old city built by the « Elder Things »: aliens from the Moon.

The disturbing and mysterious story takes us to the mountains where hides ancient secrets …

An exciting novel about a big name of the English literature.

On the road by Jack Kerouac


I read « On the Road » by Jack Kerouac this summer. I really liked this book. It is the most famous novel by this author, writes in 1957.

The novel tells the adventures of the author (Sal Paradise) and a traveling companion Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in the novel). « On the Road » was one of what Kerouac named the « Beat Generation » novels. Thus, this book tells the story of  Jack Kerouac who travels the U.S in search of a new lifestyle. This is a road trip to denounce his society.  So, I think this book is not a simple story, it is a state of mind of this generation.  He wan’t to meet the world, others and himself by this road trip.

And, personally, what I particularly liked in this book is that Kerouac tell us live to 100% and discover new sensations . The friendship, the meetings and the travels are  the themes of Kerouac in this novel . Contrary to appearances of some people, (for example it is the opinion of my aunt) does not glorify drugs.

I also saw the film On the Road by Walter Salles but it is much less well than the book. The director does not tell all book and it is unfortunate. In any case I think we should read the book because it is the best road trip in writing!

American History X

American History X

Derek (Edouard Norton) and his brother Danny (Edouard Furlong) live and study in California. Derek join a neo-nazi skinhead movement to avenge his father’s death. In fact, his father, who was fireman, was killed by a black dealer while he tried to extinguish a fire in a ghetto. One night, Derek kills two black men, who tried to steal the car of his dead father. After three years in prison for the murders, Derek is released and transformed but he finds Danny, influenced by his old racist ideologies. Derek will try to prevent him from following the same way as him.

 The alternating of black and white to evoke Derek’s memories gives depth to the subject. This first film directed by Tony Kaye deals with important themes. I loved this movie that explains the origin of racism and extremism in the United States (through the story of an American family). 

Forrest Gump by Winston Groom

Forrest Gump is a novel written by Winston Groom in 1986. It tells us the story of the eponymous character. Forrest Gump is a smple-minded character who evolves in the second part of the 20th Century. He falls in love with Jenny, his only friend, he makes his way through American history, with everything from the Vietnam War becoming part of the story. Throughout his life, Forrest views the world simply. He really doesn’t know what he wants to do in life, he acts without thinking, and that is very touching for the spectator. Because of his low IQ, he can’t go to a normal school without the help of his mother. Forrest Gump can be tell as an idiot savant.

Forrest Gump was adapted into a movie played by Tom Hanks for the Paramount in 1994. The film won numbers of awards like best movie. For the anecdote, the movie takes great advantage of special effects to have the characters interact with real people from history. This film is definitly one of my favourite.


Bridge to Terabithia

I want to speak about a film entitled Bridge to Terabithia directed by Gabor Csupo in 2007. In fact is an adaptation of a book written by Katherine Paterson in 1977.

I’ll tell you the synopsis: Jess, a young boy, comes from a large family that is in financial difficulties. At the school, he doesn’t have a lot of friend and he is ill-at-ease because his classmates are naughty with him. At home, the atmosphere isn’t joyful…
Only his favorite hobby, the drawing, permits him to escape from the reality. Fortunately, he becomes friend with his neighbour, Leslie. Together they invent a wonderful world called Terabithia where they run away their daily life. But when this magical world becomes real, they are confronted with many dangerous adventures.

This film shows the harsh reality of the life through the story of two children who reveal their experiences, their ideas, their expectations but also their doubts.
It’s a touching film!

Lewis Baltz

I want to speak about , an American photographer. He was born in 1945 in the U.S.A.

Lewis Baltz is interested in the industrial society. His work deals with the search of the beauty into the destruction. His photographies show many landscapes where we can observe the human’s intervention. So his work reflects the influence and the power of men. He is also interested in things that change his daily life.
Lewis Baltz wrote in 2012 a collection of essays called Texts that explains his work of art and his ideas. Through all his photographies and his writings, we can understand that he is politically committed.

Famous Works:

    • The Prototype Works, that show many things seen every day.

    • The New Industrial Parks, Nevada, San Quentin Point, Candlestick Point, 84 photos about a public place damaged by rubbish and men.

At « Le Bal » in Paris, there is an exhibition about this photographer, called Common Objects. This exhibition shows for the first time the influence of the cinema in the work of Lewis Baltz.

I hope that I could go to this exhibition that ends in august!

The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby  was published in april 1925. this novel talk about since Nick Carraway Gatsby’s neighbor who will discover a terrible secret on Jay Gatsby just before go at the party at Gatsby’s home.

But I would like talk about the critics on this book because when he published, this novel was very critiqued and few month ago he was retired. Some people believe in the real talent of Fitzerald but not enough. The 1934 reissue has the same effect. This book find a success in the 50’s, ten years after the Francis Scott Fitzerald’s death. And now this novel used in college and university. It’s a good revenge even if he didn’t know…

the breakfast club

The breakfast club is an american film directed by John Hugues in 1985, this film joined to five teenagers very different who are got a detention in school on saturday. There are « the basket case » , the athlete, the brain , the criminal and the prom queen

During the detention, their professor, play by Paul Gleason, give them an essay « Who do you think be ? ». The adolescents will learn to know between them despite their differences.

it’s a very good film which lot of teenagers can identify to film’s adolescents. The budget for this film is one million dollars but the profit of the film is fifty one million dollars.

PS: the soundtrack is wonderful with Simple minds.

Jane Campion

This Week, all the eyes are turned towards the cinema’s festival which takes places in Cannes. The festival, created in 1946 by Jean Zay, is now 68 years old and this year, the president of the panel is Jane Campion. This New Zealander director and scriptwriter already got a reward in 1993 for his film untitled « The Piano ».

Last year, I saw another film by this artist, untitled « Bright Star » and received with keenness by the review. Abbie Cornish performs as Fanny Brawne, and acts in company with Ben Wishaw and Paul Shneider, who played two poets desperate by the absence of inspiration. Keats, the first of these poets, falls in love with Fanny, despite their opposite natures. In the town of London, during the 19tieth century, they beggin to share poetry but their circle look unfavorably upon this connection.

But this poetical passion will end tragically. The care of details, the settings, the photography, the costumes and all the shots are really wonderful. All was well-planed by Jane Campion, this great film-maker known as one of the most important cinema’s personnality of our century.

Youn Sun Nah and her Jazz

Last year, for the D’Jazz festival, a gifted singer came to Nevers. My parents went to her concert and, when they returned at home, they were really charmed by « her voice and her presence ».

They convinced me to listen to her music and I immediatly fall in love with her songs. This corean singer, who sing in French but also in English, has a complicated career and decided to devote herself to music only around her thirtieth birthday. Her parents were also musicians and she learned to play piano at five years old – an incredible thing for most of us!

I looked at some videos and she emits something really special, a softness, a calm, a concentration and a happiness she manages to transmit to her public. There isn’t a lot of artists who show that sort of emotions. Most of the time, they are happy by another way, they are excited and they move on the scene all the time. Youn Sun Nah is nearly motionless during her concert.

This is possible to discover her music with the link under the article. The video present her version of « My favorite Things », a song wrote by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein for « The Sound of Music », a musical with Julie Andrews.




The Catcher in The Rye, impressions

I read The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger last month. This novel is considering as a reference in literature in the United States. Published in the 50’s, it’s now a success sold 60 million times. This illustration of the American society was criticized as it was published, because of the hard themes it raises. Actually, Salinger evokes sexuality, alcohol and even prostitution.
According to me, even if the language used is sometimes coarse, it’s not hard to be greatly interested in this story of a lost teenager completely depressed in a lively town as New York.

Another point of Salinger’s writing in The Catcher in the Rye which probably bothered the readers is the character of Holden Caulfield who is an absolute antihero. This boy is out of his parent’s expectations; he doesn’t manage to stay in a school more than a few months, he’s too “wild” for these rich schools; he has the appearance of a perfect looser and, even worse, he seems to be inefficient to love anyone or anything.

Finally, the title of the book is a reference to the poem of Robert Burns named “Comin’ Through the Rye”. At the end of the novel, Holden talks with his sister about this poem and he explains that if there is something he wants to be later, it’s to save children from their death if they risk falling, as in the poem of Robert Burns. This is the last proof of his own sensibility, which is really hidden at the beginning of the novel and which we discover all along the book.
In brief, Holden Caulfield is maybe a projection of our fears, a projection of what we all dread to be, a looser, a poor person out of the society, and out of the time.

The test with Alice and the Mock turtle

I don’t wear a real interest in the work of Alice in Wonderland, however, one of the controls of literature we did who is focus on Alice pleased me as strangely. I find this text really interesting because i had never heard about this. This turtle who changes every school subjects in something strange like Washing or Seaography and Alice who tries in vain to understand, it was quite strange for my interest.

Shakespeare didn’t exist!

Apparently some experts are agree to affirm that Shakespeare didn’t exist.

The first hypothesis says that it is another person of Stratford-upon-Avon who wrote the famous texts. A desire to stay anonymous certainly. It is possible that a group of authors hides behind the name of Shakespeare.

The others hypothesis support the same idea. The argument n°1 is that we don’t have specific details about the life of the author for pretend who he is really. His confidential relationship with the Crown was not real for some people. People who don’t believe in the existence of Shakespeare are called the anti-stratfordians. Among these people found Charlie Chaplin, Henry James etcetera.

What do you think?

William Turner: Snow Storm

William turner was born in 1775 in London. He studied in the Royal Academy from year 1789 and began to have a painting up in 1796 so he was recognized  during his lifetime. During a travel in 1802 in France, he discovered Le Lorrain and looked up to him. After a travel in 1819 in Venice, he changed this paintwork for a paintwork where colors and light have a suggestive power. His representation and how he did an atmosphere in his work, make him like a precursor of impressionism. Moreover he was a member of romantic movement and wanted to follow tradition. He died in 1851.

I am sorry: I didn’t find how to put a picture here. So if you want to see the painting: http://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/turner-snow-storm-steam-boat-off-a-harbours-mouth-n00530

First you can observe a boat in a storm and their fight but the painting seems to be anarchist. You have a feeling of chaos. You can remark a contrast between the dark colors and the light in the painting. Moreover you don’t have lines, just a movement of colors and this movement is omnipresent. You feel yourself into the core of the storm and it gives life to the painting. This painting is a symbol of the futile efforts to struggle the forces of nature.

You have with this painting an annecdot: William Turner may have been on a boat during a snow storm and asked to be attached to the mast of the ship. But this story must be not true.

Les Miserables, by Tom Hooper.

I’ll talk about the film « Les Miserables » , adapted by Tom Hooper ( The King’s Speech ) in 2012. This is a musical film. The main actors are Hugh Jackman ( Jean Valjean ) , Russell Crowe ( Javert ), Anne Hathaway ( Fantine ) , Amanda Seyfried ( Cosette ) and Eddie Redmayne ( Marius ) .

This is the story of Jean Valjean , imprisoned 19 years for stealing a bread only .. This man is still honest and has an incredible strength . Once released ( conditional liberty ) , he became mayor and meets Fantine , a woman who has a lot of debt for the family who takes care of her daughter, Cosette. Fantine is really poor, and must sale her hair or her teeth for having money.. At her death, took pity , Valjean promises to find her daughter and take care of her as a father. But Javert , the relentless policeman, continues to search him unabated. Then follow a story wich is totally epic and dramatic , get ready to cry !

Personally. loved this movie, the characters are all so lovable , even Javert ..! We see everything from horror, love, despair , pity , mutual aid .. This film is beautiful, I highly recommend to all . In addition, the music , the songs are very, very beautiful and full of meaning. I found myself holding my breath or cry at some moments of the movie .. Especially at the end. So don’t hesitat , if you have a little time to loose ( 2h30. . !) Watch this movie, you will not be disappointed, i swear !


Robert Louis Stevenson was born in 1850. He was a scottisch poetist, essayist and novelist. After his birth in a wealthy family in Edinburgh, he chose to become a writer during his youth. But his father was against this choice because he wanted that his son become an ingeneer to follow him. So at 17 years old, Stevenson undertook ingeneer study but he left his University. Then he studied law and obtained a diploma.

He travelled in 1876 across France and Belgium, and met Fanny Osbourn. They fall in love but she was married and had two children. Moreover she lived in America and came back to this country to divorce. However Stevenson’s father said that if Stevenson go to join her, he cut his victuales. So in the goal to forget this impossible love, Stevenson went travelling in the Cévennes.

Finally, Stevenson and Fanny ex-Osbourn get married in 1880. After the Stevenson’s father death in 1887, Stevenson travelled to find a right climate for his health problems and died in 1874 in Vailama (Samoa).


I read travels with a donkey in the Cévennes and The amateur emigrant. This two books tell Stevenson’s travels in 1879 and 1879. The first travel is to froget and accept his love with Fanny Osbourn. At the end, he takes a decision: desobeys to his father in order to join Fanny Osbourn in America. This decision his take because during his travel, Stevenson meets many people, and walks. This facts  permit to him to change his opinion.The second novel: The amateur emigrant is Stevenson’s travel to America and the beginning in this new country. It permits to Stevenson to prepare him to his commitment with Fanny Osbourn.

You can remark that Stevenson is often considered like an author of fantastic and adventure novel for teenager with particulary his book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Treasure Island.  But we can notices with all this works that he exploited all the aspects of narration and practiced a real work on his writing.

Nicholas Sparks

I would like to talk about Nicholas Sparks, an american author that I read two books : The Last Song  and The Lucky One. He is the author of The Notebook too, maybe you saw the adaptation (in french : N’oublie jamais). Lot of his books have been adapted into movies.

The Last Song tells the story of a girl, Ronnie, who doesn’t see her father since her parents divorced. She lives with her mother but one day this one decide to send away her daughter to the father hoping for a reconciliation. Ronnie’s father is a pianist who lives at the seaside. Over there she meets a boy and falls in love with him… But the story doesn’t stop there. Her relationship with her father is more and more touching, and the end is wonderful…

The Lucky One is about a soldier who find, during the war in Iraq, a photo of a woman. He keeps it in his pocket and lot of good things happen to him. He begins to believe that this photo is his lucky. After the war, he goes in search of this woman and the book tells their meeting… There is a lot of suspens and the story is very beautiful.

Have you ever read them ? Or have you ever seen the movies ? If it’s not the case, I advise you to read the books !

Gustave Doré.

I went to the gustave Doré exhibition at the Musée D’orsay on 10th of May in Paris. It was very interesting because I didn’t really know this artist. Gustave Doré was a painter, sculptor and an illustrator of 19th century . He illustrated many fables of La Fontaine, François Rabelais, Victor Hugo. He was famous all over the world because he was very talented. I was very impressed by this exhibition.

Ps Julien Doré is a member of his family.

The Bridges of Madison County

The Bridges of Madison County is a novel written by Robert James Waller and published in 1992. The novel is one of the best-selling books of the 20th century.

In 1965, Francesca Johnson is an Italian-American housewife who lives in Iowa. Her husband and her children leave their home for a week. A National Geographic photographer, Robert Kincaid, arrives to photograph the covered bridges in the area. He is lost and met Francesca in her house. Slowly, a love affair takes place between the two characters, a dangerous liaison.Passion’ is the key word of this story but this love affair seems to be impossible.

With an international success, an adaptation of this novel was directed by Clint Eastwood in 1995 where we find him and the marvellous Meryl Streep. This film is one of my great favourites for many reasons : the story is purely wonderful but very sad too. In my opinion, Meryl Streep is the best actress of the world because she’s so charming and captivating in this film, but in Out of Africa directed by Sydney Pollack in 1985 or in August: Osage County directed by John Wells in 2013 too (it’s just two examples because the list is very long!) . All the poetry of the film resides in the beautiful sets and in the wonderful photography. Both actors complement each other and they lead the audience from beginning to end. This is a very great film.

William Turner.

I want to show you a British painter and watercolorist I like very much : William Turner. I’ll do a quick biography of this man, and after I’ll show you several of his works, those I prefer.

So,Turner was devoted at the Art all of his time’s life. If at the origin, Turner was part of the English Romantism with his lyric landscapes, he was however a pioneer of the Impressionism with the details dissolved of the painting’s colors. He travelled troughout Europe, often alone.

To finish, I invite you to focus on William Turner. I’ll show some works :





The Lost River (How to catch a Monster)

As you know, Cannes film festival started few days ago !

I just learned that tomorrow will begin the « Un certain regard » selection and I noticed that « The Lost River » was in !

The Lost River is a film a directed by Ryan Gosling (yes yes the actor) and I’m quite impatient because I’m really curious of what can realize R. Gosling as a director. As you know, he is famous for his role in Drive and more recently in the Notebook. I started to make some researches and I realized that this man is a crazy genius  ; his imagination is limitless and his humour really offbeat.

I wasn’t suprised when I read that the Lost River is a « fantasy thriller » film : the story takes place in a parallel city where a family has to survive. A teaser was just released few hours ago and I have to say that I can’t wait to see the whole film.

However, I stay careful because this kind of film is hard to realize and it’s easy to fail, I’m waiting for something oppressive and agonizing.

I’m in hurry to see how a famous actor as him can realize a film of this type, and how the film will be welcomed.. Stay tuned ! (Ok I just read that the film will be able in 2015 in France….. what a cruel world)



Drop Dead Diva

Hi there 🙂

I’m currently here to write about my favourite tv series, Drop Dead Diva ! It’s quite famous in the US and the 6th season started a month ago.

Let’s start with the plot : Deb Dobkins is georgous but not really smart model; she lives with her boyfriend Greyson. One day, someone called her for a casting so she took her car but she had an accident and died immediately. She’s sent in Heaven but she found another way to go back to world and she arrived in Jane Bingum’s body, a lawyer who just get hit by a criminal. Deb must start a new and completely different life. Morever, the lawyer office where she works is the same as Greyson, her devasted ex-boyfriend. Jane/Deb has to cope with her new situation with her bestfriend Stacy, the only human who know her secret. She also has to live with her Guardian Angel Fred sent from Heaven to protect her secret.

I know that this story can be considered stupid or not really interesting but you have to watch it to understand how great it is. The episodes are composed from 1 or 2 cases that Jane or their associates have to defend ; it’s really captivating and you can follow the main plot in the background, this technique permits to avoid annoying episodes. This tv show is full of humour and it’s a real lesson of acceptation of oneself, we have to look over the physic to discover awesome people and an humility lesson for the main character who have to live with a different body that is totally opposed to her old one.

So if you have free time, don’t hesitate it’s worth it !



Different kinds of books and movies

I like all kinds of books. Particularly fantastic and romantic novels. On the other hand, I hate horror story wether through books or movies. I’m verry interested by books that deals with historical facts such as the book  » Reunion » by Fred Uhlman.

Moreover, according to me comics are very pleasant to read. For many peoples comics are not literature. But you can find all types of comics such as police comics, which are my favorites. However, graphics are really important because depending on it you may like the comic or not.

And you, what kind of book do you prefer ? why?

The green mile

The Green Mile is an american movie directed by Frank Darabont released in 1999.

This movie was adapted from the serial novel of the same name  which was written by Stephen King.

It’s the story of a prison guard who creates a strong friendship with a condemned death. The condemned to death in question is played by the actor Michael Clarke Duncan who is in my opinion the most suitable actor to play this role. this is a strength character who become more and more endearing.
The role of prison guard played by Tom Hanks who throughout the film tries to save his friend from his condanation to die.

I really liked this movie for various reasons. First, it’s very touching and particularly moving, the actors are fantastics. Finally, This film denounces judicial mistakes, but also racism and tolerance of men … this is a beautiful moral lesson!!


Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythos

Howard Phillips Lovecraft is a sci-fi, horror and fantasy author born on august 1890. As a lot of writters, his work was not appreciated but he is now recognize as a great artist ( especially by Stephen king who tells him « the greatest artisan of classic story of the 19th century »).

One of this most well-known stories is Cthulhu mythos, a fictional univers setting in the real world but where old and dark forces are asleep, waiting for the best moment to restore their past authority on humans. They are present as former gods, came from space thousand years ago. It is made of few short-stories, each about one of this gods. It is link with some other books of Lovecraft like the Necronomicon, supposed to be writting by a fictional author, Abdul al-Hazred the mad arab who predicted « a background of evil versimilitude. » (refer to the old gos)  by this verse :

« That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die. »

« The call of Cthulhu » is the most famous one and gives the name to the entiere myth. Cthulhu is an humanoid monster with a face of cuttlefish, tentacles and drangon wings. He is supposed to sleep at the bottom of the South Pacific, in the underwater dead city of R’lyeh. Lovecraft inspired himself of the Kraken to create Cthulhu.

Hans Zimmer

I would speak about a musician that I like very much, Hans Zimmer. He makes many theme music as Inception, Twelve Years has Slav, Transfomers…
Born German, Hans Zimmer is naturalized American and lives from now on in Los Angeles. It is known as one of the biggest composer of theme music to the world.

Fast go to discover these compositions !

Game Of Throne, the novel!

Hey people…!!
To break with the subject which we study at present (Theater, Shakespeare, the poetry etc… ) I suggest you to try the reading of « Game of Throne » which is, before put into series on the television, a book by George Martin, an american writter.
It exists in two volumes, and it’s an amaaaazing fantasy book, which won a big price of literature because of the quality of the story! I think that if you know and like the Tv serie, you could appreciate the book too, which is having more details…
Everybody is talking about the serie, so why don’t you read the book?

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is trilogy, writes by Suzanne Colin, an American writer, who has a very big success with the young people but who also convinced the grown-up readers.

When to begin you to read this story, you cannot stop any more, as if your life depended on it. It is moreover one of theme of this story.

I became a fan because there is a lot of action, contrary to movies. I find that it is one very beautiful story because when we analyze it, it reflects that our society can become. Violence, war, poverty, power, corrupt politicians…

When you finish books, it is as if it you miss something. The characters are very charming, and there are many different characters, we can become identified thus easily with somebody.

Try the experience, and do not trust to you in the rumors, make you your own opinion by reading them! For the least brave, try movies, but compared with books them are disappointing.

Tristan and Iseult

Tristant and Iseult is one very old myth, of origin concretes. The numerous poems on this love story are of origin Norman. Numerous poems were passed on in the oral, and numerous papers were lost. But the first writer to have reconstituted a complete version is Joseph Bédier.
His story thus became that of the reference.

« Tristan and Isolde » tells the story of Tristan de Loonois, an orphan invisible knight, adopted by his Uncle, king Marc of Cournouailles. They live in England, where the country is divided and attacked by king of Ireland, who sows the terror and massacres whole villages. This king has a magnificent girl, Iseult, of whom Tristan goes fallen madly in love. But the lovers are going to know numerous obstacles to their idyll.

This story is one of my preferred, because we go into a completely different world, with beautiful principles, such as the chivalry, the loyalty, the courage, and unconditional love.

Personally I preferred the adaptation of a French writer, Jacques Cassabois. He also tells the story of the parents of Tristan, wars on the English territory and French Bretagne.

Are not afraid of reading this wonderful story which is absoluement not childish.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, also known as the « Queen of crime », is an English writter born in 1890. She’s well known for her two most important characters of novels : Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. She’s one of the most important writter of the XIXs century and she’s very famous.

Lot of her novels had been adapted to cinema like Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile… Two of his novels had been adapted in movie in France : By the Picking of my Thumb and  Partners in Crime two movies with Catherine Frot and André Dussolier.


Much Ado About Nothing by Kenneth Branagh adapted from William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing is a play written by William Shakespeare around the edge of the XVIIs century.

The movie of Kenneth Branagh of the same name, published in 1993, is an adaptation of this play. The principal actors are Kenneth Branagh himself, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington…The story took place in Sicilia, it’s about several love stories for exemple between Beatris (Emma Thompson) and Benedict (Kenneth Branagh)…The lovers have to fight against several  problems but it’s a story with an happy end because it’s a romantic comedy.

It’s not my favorite movie but I recommend you to see it, it’s very interesting to see one of Shakespeare’s play adapt in a movie.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

The Grapes of Wrath is a novel of John Steinbeck published in 1939. It tell the story of an American family who’s forced to leave their home in Oklahoma because of the Great Depression, the period of crisis in America around 1929. The Joad’s family is composed of agricultural workers; one day the banks took position of their farms and told them they had to leave. This story tell the exodus of the all agricultural workers of Oklahoma who moved to California with the point of view of this family.

This story had inspired John Ford who had directed the movie of the same name in 1940 with a famous actor : Henry Fonda.

I did’nt read the book but I recommend you to watch the movie which is really great!

Discovering Literature

During this years, we have discovered numerous texts and films in several theme. There are « The Hobit », « The strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde », « The malteses Falcon », « Frankenstein », « Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland », « The Dumb Waiter », « Pride and Prejudice », « As You Like It » and other texts ! In class, we have also study differents authors as « Shakespeare », « Mary Shelley », « Jane Austen »… We have study very vocabulary as the gothic literature, humour and nonsense, poems or the literature of the absurd !

Since the beginning of the year, we have learnt so many thing. In my opinion I prefered the literature of the absurd and the fantasy ! And you ? What theme do you like ?

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is an American actor, film director, producer and composer. It’s an actor and director very touching !
I love « Million dollar baby ». Maggie Fitzgerald, thirty one, want get in the ring. Franckie become her coach. A beautiful relation develops between them.
In this film C. Eastwood is also an actor and play very well. He plays the coach Franckie. I find this film really affecting and it includes several emotions. I recommend you !
I also seen « Mystic River » and it’s very intersting. It’s a drama : Jimmy is killed and an police investigation begin… The end is surprising and it’s a very good film ! I like this movie.
He did « L’echange » with Angelina Jolie (a great film).

Have you seen a film with or by Clint Eastwood ?

Midnight In Paris.

It is a movie realized by Woody Allen. The main character is an american writer who comes in Paris in order to have more inspiration for his book. Moreover at midnight in the street he returns in Paris during the 1920s. Thanks to this movie we can discover famous artists who lived during the 1920s like Hemingway, Fitzerald or Man Ray. I advise you to see this movie because it is really amazing.

B.B King and Eric Clapton

In the evening I discovered one piece of two famous blues guitarists. Eric Clapton featuring B.B. King. They sing a songs, « Riding with the King. » The word « King » of the title refers to BB King is considered the king of the blues. I love this songs where the two guitarists are in perfect harmony. Their voices go very well together. This is a great blues songs! What do you think ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5T5qDRxbpM

Inception (2010)

Inception is a British-American science fiction heist thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan. Don Cobb is the best, experimented thief who is in the art of the extraction: his speciality consists in appropriating the most precious secrets of an individual while he dreams. The very search for his talents in the universe of the industrial espionage, Cobb also became a fugitive pursued all over the world who lost all which is dear to him. But an ultimate mission could allow him to find his previous life : provided that he can carry achieve : the inception. He has to implant an idea in mind of an individual. And nevertheless, Cobb and his partners face a formidable enemy who seems to have systematically a blow beforehand with them.

I really advise you ! It’s an interesting film and the actors are good !

Sense and Sensibility

I will to talk about Sense and Sensibility written by Jane Austen. On the death of Mr Dashwood, his wife and their three daughters : Elinor, Marianne and Margaret are deprived of their inheritance by their half-brother. They will go live in the country. This story focuses on Marianne, the sensible daughter, and Elinor, the sense daughter. In spite of their very different personality, both sisters experiment the same unhappy love affairs. It is the opposition between love and reason.

If you like stories of love and marriage, secrets and money, I advise you to read this book. There is also a cinematic adaptation : Raison et Sentiments (1995) by Ang Lee with Emma Thompson (Elinor) and Kate Winslet (Marianne).

« Blowin’ in the Wind » by Bob Dylan

Robert Allen Zimmermann (alias Bob Dylan) is an author, type-setter, interprets, musician, painter and American poet from the XX century. He has been one of the major figures of the popular music for five decades. He has several kinds musical like the rock’n’roll, the folk, the blues, the country and the country rock’n’roll. Bob Dylan plays also several instruments: the guitar, the harmonica, the bass and the piano.

I chose to speak to you about his song “Blowin’ in the Wind” because it is one of the major songs of Bob Dylan. It’s a protest song. Bob Dylan is like a spiritual guide of the movement of the civic rights.

I think that everyone should know this music because it’s very important but also beautiful at the same time. I propose to you a video, don’t be missed!


« This is England » by Shane Meadows

I chose to present the film « This is England« .
« This is England » is a British film directed and written by Shane Meadows in 2006.
This film presents the story of Shaun, a young boy who befriends a group of skinheads from a culture that appears in the late 70s. They teach him how to dress and think like them (Dr Martens boots, jeans and shirt).
The film also shows the birth of a new england skinhead culture, which promotes Nazism, racism and fascism. The group will then separate because they have different opinions about this new culture
I loved this movie because I love the English punk this period and this film has very good culture movement.
I recommend it because it is a very interesting period in England!


« Good Morning England » by Richard Curtis

“Good Morning England” is a comedy germano-franco-British carried out and written by Richard Curtis in 2009.
The film is inspired by the true story of Radio Caroline, a boat anchored to the limit of British territorial water to face the interdict issued by the authorities to prevent the free radios from emitting. This film tells the life of a crew of Djs which diffuse of Rock’n’roll and of the pop music in the United Kingdom.

I liked much this film first of all for his originality, it is very humorous. Moreover, I like much the music rock’n’roll of the Sixties!! So, if you are like me, I advise it to you!!!

London – Piccadilly

    Piccadilly is a major London street which runs from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus. I chose to present this place because I visited it the last holidays and I liked much !
This street is very busy with a lot of tourism because there are many famous shops and as it goes to Buckingham Palace. The place of Piccadilly is very famous for its establishments with the mode at the XIX century. There are the Criterion theatre, the old ballroom of London Trocadero and London Pavilion (an music-hall) which are now transformed into a shopping mall.
Its name comes from « picadils » which is the name of a jacket collar which made ??the reputation of an English tailor.
    If you have opportunity of going to London I advise you this beautiful place.

The Theatre of the Absurd

The Theatre of Absurd movement began in Paris in the mid of the 20th century, in fact, the first precursors of this movement were french like Eugene Ionesco or Jean Genet. But it considered that several older plays inspiring this movement like The Winter’s Tales or The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

The term of « Theatre of the Absurd » was given by theatre critic Martin Esslin in 1961, he also says that the four leader of the genre were Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Arthur Adamov and Jean Genet.

The particularities of this kind of plays are meaningless or repetitive dialogues and nonsense. It says that this movement is an answer to the realistic movement, when playwrights tried to represent the real life in their works. Unlike them, absurdist try to give an unreal and unique exprerience to the viewer. In this kind of plays, time and setting are not precisely defined and the characters can’t exist in real life, they are often metaphorical or archetypal.

This genre is very particular, we can say that it can’t please everyone, but I really enjoy this ! What about you ?

Endgame, by Samuel Beckett.

Endgame is an one-act play written by Samuel Beckett in 1957. It count the story of four characters, three of them are disabled and one can go wherever he want, almost.

This play is very ambiguous, the dialogues are typical Beckett’s work, some lyrics are meaningless and not advance in the plot of the play, and there are a lot of silence and breaks, otherwise, 30% of the play is made of stage directions. Also, the play parody the conventions of classic theatre, in fact, the end of the play is tell at the beginning and, at several moments, the characters speak to the public to say that they are bored. Contrary to Waiting For Godot, this play don’t give way to humor at any moment, all the play is about death or disease.

This play is associated to the Theatre of the Absurd genre but the author denied any membership to any literary movements. It’s another weird creation by Samuel Beckett.

« All the world’s a stage »

« All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
Then, the whining school-boy with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like a snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then, a soldier,
Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden, and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then, the justice,
In fair round belly, with a good capon lin’d,
With eyes severe, and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws, and modern instances,
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well sav’d, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank, and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything. »


This is the famous monologue spoken by Jacques in Act II Scene VII from As You Like It. By writting this monologue, William Shakespeare compare life to a stage and say that a man play different role in different acts in his life. These acts, or « ages » represent the stages of life, they are seven :


The first age is the infancy, when we are a little baby in our nurse’s arms.

In the second age we play the role of a little child, who don’t want to go to school.

The third age is the lover, the part of our life dedicated to the feeling of love.

The fourth age is called « the soldier », when we struggle for honour and reputation.

The fifth age is when we play the role of « Justice », we use knowledge and experience to advice people.

In the sixth age we become more weak and and fragile.

And the last age is compared to a second childhood, because we’re once again dependent to other. And we loose our teeth, our eyes and also our memories, to death.

Legion, Army of Angels


What happen when God loses faith in mankind ?

The story takes place in a roadside restaurant.There are 7 characters, when an old woman comes in the restaurant and asks a raw steak . The waitress who is pregnant, wonders why, and I understand, because we must be really crazy to ask a raw steak when you are old
So, after she was served, the old woman tell at the waitress that she wants to kill her baby, and mainly… Burn her baby! Afterwards, she becomes an angel, and kills one man in snatching a piece of his neck!


Ok, that’s crazy! And that’s just the four first minutes of the film! The following is really great! We discover that an Archangel Michael wants to rescue the world even if he must derogate from the rules of God, who ordered the destruction of all Humans! I won’t tell you all of the story.. would not it be funny
If you like the Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror Movie, Action Movie I recommend you this film!

? Look out, sometimes this is really boring and repetitive. ?

Dead poets society, 1989

Dead poets society is Peter Weir’s movie, an american director. The main character is Todd Anderson ( we can’t really say that he’s the main character indeed but he’s the most likeable). He arrives in a prestigious school at the beggining of the film where he meets rather reach and skilled at school young men. All his teachers are careful and authoritarian man exept one of them: his literature’s teacher : Mr Keating. His first words are « Carpe Diem ».
Teaching a class without dreams, without others ambitions that one’s of their parents, he wants his students to become more sensitive. The poets society is a society created by Mr keatin and his friends when they were younger and the boys rebuild this society in spite of their conditions ( their parents’ disagreement, the condemnation of their school…).

This movie is another story of freedom and youth but it also explore their limits, it shows that sensitivity often leads to tragical ends. Can we think that our society is adapted to this kind of freedom? I think we should wath this film because of its poetry.

A cry in the night written by Mary Higgins Clark

A cry in the night is a novel written by Mary Higgins Clark which was published in 1982. The writer is american, she was born on december, the 24th 1929 in New-York. This novel relates the story of woman called Jenny McPartland who has two children and she’s single but one day she meets the painter Erich Krueger. Unfortunately, their love story turns very badly. There is many suspense and gives chills down your spine. I love this book and I would like to see a film adaptation of the book.

Sherlock Holmes by Mikuriya & Miyazaki

There is an italian-japanese serie based on Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. It has started in 1981 , but it was stoped cause of rights of author , and took up again in 1984.

In this serie , the all characters are anthropomorphous animals. Sherlock is a fox and Watson is a dog. The professor Moriarty , him , is a wolf.

It’s an old serie , but I’ve saw some episodes and I’ve found it good. To see !

Gothic novel

The first theme we learned was the gotic novel.
The main novel was Frankenstein wrote by Mary Shelley. We saw the different gothics or romantics elemenents, like the setting and the atmosphere with dreary night and castle. Before study the story we had to learn the name and place of the character. Next we learned an extract and to understand all the story we saw the film.
I think that Frankenstein belong to classic of english litterature and Mary Shelley is one of the most famous autor on this time. I think too it was my favorite theme of what we learned because I knew a little the story and I am found of gothic and romantic genre.

Theatre of the Absurd

In the world of theatre, there is a particular play called the Absurd.It had been created in the 1950s after the period of the humanists and is totally different as comedy and drama. It is talking about the absurdity of men which leads to the death.It is totally the contrary of realism.

The relevants things are the dialogues between characters who are not connected or the place where the scene takes place. For exemple in the Dumb Waiter the characters are talking about absurds items, and their sentences are unrelated. In « Waiting for Godot » the characters are always talking because they are terrified by silence and so they don’t have to speak about their condition or anguish.

Every body doesn’t like the absurd because it is a very special genre.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia is a film that I particularly like, it link to Alice in Wonderland because here also we are in the wonderful. Again we can talk with animals and also fight with them.
The characters are endearing especially little Lucy, she’s the first person who comes in this strange world.
Moreover, it was written by an Irish writer CS Lewis, a close friend of JRR Tolkien the writer of The Hobbit.

– An adaptation of Hamlet –

Hamlet was adapted in japanese anime too , in an OAV from the manga Black Butler. It’s an special episode in the serie , and each character have to play a character of Hamlet.

The main character of the manga , Ciel , plays the role of Hamlet , and the typical sentence  » To be or not to be  » is present of course.

In my opinion , this adaptation isn’t really good , but it’s funny.

Romeo × Juliette by Fumitoshi Oizaki

I know an japanese anime TV series about Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette. It producted in 2007 by the director Fumitoshi Oizaki of Gondo’s studio. There are 24 episodes.

The anime is based on the play , but the story isn’t the same. In the anime , Juliet is called  » The Red Whirlwind  » because she fights to protect the population of Neo Verona. More , there is surnaturals things in this adaptation , like the Dragon Steed or the Great Tree Escalus.

This adaptation is special , but funny.


Harry Potter, the boy who lived

I think you all know the story of Harry Potter, a famous wizard. But I want to speak about Harry Potter, my favorite series of seven fantasy novels written by J. K. Rowling, which the main theme is death – and particularly the origins, the theme and the universe.

First, J. K. Rowling had suddently an idea on a train, in 1990. She said :

« I had been writing almost continuously since the age of six but I had never been so excited about an idea before. I simply sat and thought, for four (delayed train) hours, and all the details bubbled up in my brain, and this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who did not know he was a wizard became more and more real to me. »

Moreover, the theme crosses-reference to political subject : the fact that Lord Voldemort wants to exterminate the mudbloods (wizards who have muggles parents) makes reference in Nazi Germany. So Salazar Slytherin is a reference in S.S.

There are many others themes like love, prejudice, power,…

The magic universe is special because wizards must to coexist with muggles – those who aren’t wizards – but they have to hide their existence. They have their own governmental organization, their own laws, their own school called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, their own cultural references such as the Quidditch. There are potions, magic creatures, magic plants and other wonderful elements.


Do you like Harry Potter? Do you prefer movies or books? Which do you prefer?

The Big Bang Theory


Who knows this serie?

It speak of  two scientifics Leonard and Sheldon who lived quietly together when moved in next door to them Penny a pretty young woman.

Leonard falls in love for her
This series is very funny because it mixes very cultured people but who are not very comfortable with people and a single waitress not very educated.

Sheldon is very snobbish and does not really help Leonard to seduce Penny

It’s really very funny

Romeo and Juliet

Nobody can say William Shakespeare without thinking « Romeo and Juliet ».

This play is an tragedy. It talk about an love story between two young persons who were separated by their families who hate each other because they wanting to be the most powerful in Verona. Romeo is the heir of Montagu family and Juliet is one Capulet.

They met each other at a ball and they fall madly in love and will marry in secret.

After a series of tragic events between the two families, they die together. And finally their parents were reconciled

This is one of the most famous plays of Shakespeare and it’s a good picture of human stupidity and the closed mind  representated by Montagus and Capulets.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the second film of the new story of Spider-Man and the fifth of the studio Colombia Pictures who speaks about this hero.

Spider-Man is an hero who was created by Marvel Comics

The movie went out in 2014 and was realized by Marc Webb.

In that movie Peter Parker ( Spider-Man ) has graduate. His life is very chaotic and he spend his time has to fight the evil in New York and sees little Gwen his girlfriend because he was haunted by the memory of his dead father. But one of his old friends Harry Osborn is back at New York. His father is died and herited from his company.

Between stories with Gwen Stacy, a new monster Max and his friend Harry, Peter is going to discover the reason of the disappearance of his parents.

This movie is magnificent, the effects are very good and fall (double sense) is very sad.

Clearly this film is amazing !

Interview with The vampire

Interview with the vampire is a horror novel written in 1976 by Anne Rice. This story takes place in New Orléans at 1980; on a Vampie who tells of his life to a reporter. This is the first volume of a serie entitled « Vampire Chronicles », this is to discover and popularize the myth of the romantic vampire. Thanks it Vampires become the number one literary subject. Today there exist a movie about this story. This novel was adapted into comics, manga in Japan in 1994 by Udou Shinohara, and song Moon Over Bourbon Stret Sting in 1985.

Summary and other informations about this book : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interview_with_the_Vampire

I recommend just to get a different view of vampires and for discovery.

Act 3, Scene 2 | As You Like It


We have seen in class 3 versions of As You Like It Act 3, Scene 2 | As You Like It by Shakespeare.
I don’t really liked the first version because was a little boring and there was nothing really special but I enjoyed the others! The second is my favourite because I like the playing of the actress, the facial expressions, gestures.. she really embodies the role of the character.

I loved also the third version, more modern. The playing of Pippa Nixon is exceptional because for me, she comes to us through a lot of emotions just by talking, she speaks carefully, as the emotions she wants to pass.


The two women embody both very well the role of Rosalind in their own way but the result is very good on both sides.

24 days, the truth about Ilan Halimi’s dead

On january 2006, Ilan Halimi was kidnapped. He disappear 24 days and when he was found, he was almost dead and die in the ambulance going to the hospital. He was just 23 years. For 24 days he was tortured and maltreated because of his belonging to the Jewish community.

He was  kidnapped by a group of muslim of the Parisian surburb, directed by Youssouf Fofana. It’s called « the gang of barbarians » because of their abuse of violence. They ask for a ransom because they were conviced that the Jewish community was rich and will paid for the life of one of them.

For a long time, authorities refused to admit that it was an antisemitic action and says that it was only for money but, Ruth Halimi, mother of the victim, strongly believed otherwise. So, She wrote a book named « 24 days, the truth about Ilan Halimi’s dead » with the help of Emilie Frèche, a young writter to denounce and make aware of  the presence of anti-Semitism in a society supposedly tolerant: she would like to said to other social minorities to be careful: wickedness still exist despite appearances.

It has just been adapted to film by Alexandre Arcadi with the wonderful Zabou Breitman on the play of Ruth Halimi. It is a great film that takes a slape in your face. It really makes you feel ill at ease and almost shameful for the behavior of some people because of prejudices introduced by the evolution of our cultur.

Brave new world – Aldous Huxley



Brave New World is a science fiction novel, written by Aldous Huxley and published in 1932. I think he was an important british author of his era.

In Brave New World, Huxley imagines a world where humans are mass produced, artificially created and conditioned to be what the Authorities want they want to be. It’s a futuristic world which takes place 700 years after Ford. Ford is a sort of god in this world. In this strange but ideal society, family, feelings and monogamy doesn’t exist. People must be happy and free. Their lives are already made. They are not fear by death, they are not access to books and they can’t think. A few characters are emphasized. Bernard who has suffered a problem in his conception is rather different from others. He loves a woman which it’s forbidden. He thinks about his condition and would like to change it. I won’t tell you the entire story but I advice you to read it.


I think that it was interesting to speak about this novel because I think it could a good illustration for the thematic:  Imaginary because the story evolves in a completely imaginary world. However, it’s a satirical novel. We can recognize our condition in their strange condition. It’s just that they are pushed to the extreme. For example, the conditioning of humans could be interpreted as our publicity. They listen always the same prejudices and they finish by believing them. It’s a really interesting book. And even if you don’t like as me the science fiction we could like this novel because it’s really philosophic and it could question yourself and our society. However, I advice you to read it in French because I think that it’s rather complicated  in English but it’s my opinion. And you, have you already read this novel ? Did you like it ? Maybe you have already seen the film adaptation.

Django unchained

I recommend to all the movie «Django uchained», if you have not already seen it.

It’s a movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz and Jamie Foxx as the main actors.

 This happens two years before the Civil War, the superiority of whites over blacks is alive at this moment ! I find some moments really enjoyable, the characters are endearing and I think that thestory-board itself is very good. Good viewing

From Apartheid to Democracy

South Africa became a dominion in 1910. After the African National Party won the elections in 1948, it established Apartheid in South Africa, I mean a system of racial control and separation between blacks and whites. Blacks were exploited and lived in poor conditions, mixed marriages were banned, and the regime became oppressive. It was only in 1994, when Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa, that the country’s Constitution became fully democratic.

The years of Apartheid marked a lot of South Africans writers, who used themes as the relationship between races, the confrontation with violence and violations or the rights of whites writers to speak about the blacks rights. In this category we have a lot of writers : John M. Coetzee, Lewis Nkosi, Zakes Mda, Nadine Gordimer, André Brink and many more.

Jérémy Schneider

Jéremy Schneider is a french illustrator who draw realistic works of art all in black and white. He use black chalk on Canson to obtain more shades of black (he said « a darker black »). He like to do very precise works with a lot of detail as in his sketch named « bear »:

He collaborate with Commune De Paris, a clothing store, on a serie of pattern shirt dealing with the revolt of the 19th century. He drawn the face of few bourgeois horified by the view of the workers’s movement. They all have an exaggerated expression that make them look ridiculous :

Jérémy Schneider, Bourgeois

He likes philosophy and readind and inspire himself of Nietsche, or Willialm Shakespear, especially in his work named « king lear » ( not hidden reference…at all…)


One day – David Nicholls

File:One day - david nicholls.jpghttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:One_day_-_david_nicholls.jpg

A wonderful, wonderful book : wise, funny, perceptive, compassionate and often unbearably sad…” THE TIMES

“ It’s rare to find a novel which ranges over the recent past with such authority, a nd even rarer to find one in which the two leading characters are drawn with such solidity, such painful fidelity, to real life.” Jonathan Coe, Guardian book of the year 2009.

If you like love stories, you will really enjoy One day, written by David Nicholls and published in 2009. Personally, I found it really gripping, wonderful, and absorbing. You passed from laughter to tears.

All the stories begin by a meeting. One day is the story of the meeting of Dexter and Emma who are almost opposite person. We can observe along the years, their stories: the two people are going to love, lose, hate and meet each other again.

I advice you to read it. In addition to this gripping story, I think it’s also interesting because I think that this book could be a good illustration for the thematic: Meeting people, love and friendship because because the 2 mains characters are going to love each other, separate each other and become friends.

And you, have you read this book ? Did you like it ? Maybe you have seen the film adaptation because David Nicholls is not a simply writer, he also wrote for film and TV. Then he adapted One Day into a screenplay. The film was released in 2011. Personally, I didn’t want to see this film because I think that it couldn’t be as good as the book.

“You can live your whole life not realizing that what you’re looking for is right in front of you.” David Nicholls, One day. 

The Brontë Sisters.

I would like talking about Emily, Charlotte and Anne Brontë. These women are great novelists of the 19th above all Emily and Charlotte. I’ll focus, in particular, on Emily and Charlotte whose I read the most of works.

So, they grew up in an isolated place, in the West Riding of the Yorkshire. In spite of this « imprisonment », all of the Brontë family display a huge creativity with a lot of imagination. This place where they live, is a wild place, so we can guess why it’s often the same atmosphere which reigns in their differents books.

So, I read Jane Eyre and, one of my favorite books, Wuthering Heights. This last deals with a « strange » love story, accompagnied by wild characters and unheathly atmosphere. I’d rather avoid to give too details! As of Jane Eyre, the story distinguish herself by the feminism in advance for this time. Now, I would like reading one of the book of Anne Brontë.

Unfortunetly, the destiny of the Brontë family is tragic. The most of died of tuberculosis, often young.

So, you should read the Brontë’s books, and watch the film adaptions which accompany the novels like the version of Jane Eyre directed by Zefirelli, with Charlotte Gainsbourg, or even, Jane Eyre according to Fukunaga which is more recent. 

Pride and Prejudice, directed by Joe Wright.

This film is one of the two film adaptations of the novel by Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. This adaptation stays faithful next to the film. What’s more, he’s less boring than the another adaption made by BBC.

Keira Knightley is very beautiful in the version of Joe Wright even if the actress ( Jennifer Ehle) as Elizabeth in the film of BBC corresponds better in this role, for me. Whereas, I find the two actors as Mr Darcy are perfect both : Matthew Macfadyen is very handsome, and Colin Firth is very charming!

The advantage with the Joe Wright’s vision of Pride and Prejudice is that the film isn’t long, and that the aesthetic of the film is greatly good implemented.

So, I let you discover the one or another of this two adaptations and tell me, according to you, which is the better.

Jon Cozart is back


Thanks to Emma P, we have discover this American artist. To the sequel to his video, I saw other videos of this teen. I would like to you make uncover this new video.

Like the Harry Potter’s video, this one is about « The Lord Of The Rings ». It is formed on the soundtracks of the three films.

I hopes, you enjoy this new video as much as the first. [youtube]http://youtu.be/3FPxYDGfniM[/youtube]

V for Vendetta (the film)

V for Vendetta is a political thriller film directed by James McTeigue, and released in 2006. The famous Wachowski brothers made the screenplay, with Hugo Weaving as V, and Natalie Portman as Evey Hammond. The film is based of the Vertigo/DC Comics comics V for Vendetta, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd.

We are in 2038, in London. The founder of « The Norsefire » facist party, Adam Suttler control the United Kingdom. The society is heavily oppressed : citizens are muzzled, because they are afraid of the secret police of the party called the « Fingermen » ,medias are censored, , political opponents, immigrants, muslims, homosexuals and other « undesirables » are imprisoned in concentration camps, tortured, and killed. During the night of the fourth of november , Evey Hammond is saved of a rape by a mysterious man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, and presenting himself as V. He will teach her a life without fear, and will offer her the opportunity to create a new world, whereas he will accomplish is Vendetta, a revenge for everything he has suffered in the past.


You must say « But what is the link with English literature ? ». If you have seen the film, you must know why. V is a quite cultivated character, and throughout the film, he speaks using Shakespeare plays quotes (McBeth, Hamlet, Richard III, Twelfth Night). He also has a great cinematographic and musical culture.

I just loved this film, because, first, in my opinion, it conveys a great idea (of liberty, revolution..I can not mention them all!), the screenplay is really good (for a blockbuster), V’s home is amazing, and I really loved the actors play ! Even behind a mask, Hugo Weaving gives life to an expressionless face, just with his voice, the way he moves, for me he does a great job ! And Natalie Portman interprets really well Evey’s character, with emotions (especially at the end). And as I always say : I love the soundtrack ! Very simple, but very nice ! So I suggest you to watch the movie, and discover the reason of V’s Vendetta.

« Reunion » by Fred Uhlman

This book is written by Fred Uhlman was published in 1971. In this novel there are many details very similar to the real life of the writer. As a matter of fact,  the parents of the main character were Jewish and German. In this novel the hero, Hans Schwarz studied in the most renowned school on Stuttgart.

We follow the evolution of Nazism through the storry of Hans, and his friendship with Conrad, son of a family completly devoted to Hitler’s culte

I will not tell you the story of this novel, but I urge you to read this novel! This book is very interresting and story is beautifull. I love it and I’ll read it a second time.

The Green Mile by Stephen King

It is a novel, written by Stephen King in 1996 before to be a huge film three years later in 1999. It tells us the story of Paul Edgecombe, who is the head of a death row in a prison, and his meeting with John Coffey who is a death row inmate after having been accused of murdering two little girls, but Coffey isn’t like the other criminals he is very generous but the most important thing about him is  that he disposes extraordinary healing powers.

I have put the trailer of the movie below the article for these who have never seen it.



Into the wild

I saw a big part of that film at school last year, it is an adaptation of the  non fiction book of the same name written by jon Krakauer in 1996. The plot is about a young american  student named Christopher McCandless who has obtained his degree and is destined for a great future but he will blow it all away, because he rejects the society, so he abandones the american dream for an adventurous life. The scene i remember the most, is the scene when he is in the restaurant with his family after having his degree. When his father proposes to buy him a new car, Christopher refuses and says « what’s wrong with my old car, i don’t want a new car » this scene really presents the character of Christopher who don’t want to be a part of the society.

Sorry i have not found the restaurant scene so i picked the firs scene of the movie, i hope you wiil enjoy!





As you like it

William Shakespeare was born on April 1564 in Stratford -upon- Avon and died on 23 April 1616 in the same town. He is considered one of the greatest poets , playwrights and writers of English culture and wrote many tragedies like « Hamlet », « Romeo & Juliette », « Othello » … but also a lot of comedy like « As you like it ».

 » As you like it  » is a comedy written around 1599, just before Hamlet ( 1600-1601 ) .

We have seen in class three extracts of this comedy, our  teacher showed us the three extracts with specific way: the oldest to the most modern.

I prefer the third extract because it’s more modern ( the actress smokes on stage ), she is very expressive ( she cries , she laughs … ) , else, I enjoyed the crazy character.

In the first two extracts , It’s the makeup that turns girls into boys while in this extract, the girl naturally looks like a boy.

It’s for the choice of the actress that I preferred the third extract.

Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone

« Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone » is the first episode of the Harry Potter saga to be relesead on the cinema. The books have been written by J.K  Rowling,  the first book isn’t entitled « Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone » but « Harry Potter and the pilosopher’s stone ». This is one of the only differences between the movie and the book in this one because in the other one’s the story is not as much respected as in the first one, that’s why i only talk about the first film and not about the others. Every sceen is meticulously respected for exemple, the scene with the sorting hat who locates the first year students is totaly respected, when the hat takes his time to choose Harry’s house, he hesitated to locate him into slytherin but finally after Harry’s request the sorting hat sends him to Gryffindor.




It was a film released in 2009, produced by Clint Estwood. The movie was starring Morgan freeman, Matt Damon and many other well known actors. It’s a drama film but also an history film.

This film shows us, that the sport unites everyone, that there is no differences between black and white people, that their live with the same hopes and dreams

I hope, you will like the video because i did!



W.H Auden, nice words..

« Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.
For nothing now can ever come to any good. »

I absolutely love poems, and all of kind of texts.. Philosophy, Essay etcetera. So, when Ms.Charlette gave us the poem of W.H.Auden , i was happy. I find this poem really affecting and touching. In fact, When you read this text, you understand that you can be important for some people. But, you’re just a grain of sand, on a beach. You’re really little. Reading this text; made me understand that I’m not nothing, but someone. We are all important, even if we are very little.Tell me if you like it or not.

« Four Weddings and a Funeral » by Mike Newell in 1994

After started studying the poem « Funeral Blues » by WH Auden, I would like to talk about « Four Weddings and a Funeral » where the poem is recited by one of the characters in the film at his lover’s funeral.
This film is a massively successful British romantic comedy. It staged the misadventures of a group of friends seen through the eyes of Hugh Grant, who is obsessed by Carrie (Andie MacDowell). So this film is between weddings and funerals. This is for me the romantic comedy bringing all those that followed.. There are very good actors, humor and tenderness. To see!

To see the trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHyCtw6BB20


In English class we have seen an extract from Animals Farm, a novel written by Georges Orwell. So I wanted to look into the autor’s bibliography and I saw 1984. I already knew this novel, obviously (as a lot of people I think !) but I never read it.

I think I will because this novel looks really interesting. I will write a little summary for you and it maybe will convince you to read this book.

The story takes place in London in 1984 (obvious ahah). The world, since the nuclear wars of the 1950s, is divided into three « blocks » : Oceania (Americas, the Atlantic islands, Oceania and Southern Africa), Eurasia (Europe and URSS) and Eastasia (China and its southern regions, islands of Japan, and a little but variable portion of Mongolia, Manchuria and Tibet) that are in perpetual war against each other. These three great powers are directed by different totalitarian regimes required as such, and based on different ideologies but almost similar : Angsoc (or  » English Socialism « ) for Oceania , the « neo- Bolshevism  » for Eurasia and the  » cult of death  » (or  » obliteration of me ») to Eastasia . All these parties are presented as Communists before their rise to power, until they become totalitarian regimes and relegate the workers they claimed to defend the bottom of the social pyramid

The concepts and characters invented by Georges Orwell (Big Brother, Doublethink, Newspeak, O’Brien …) became archetypes, which are almost part now of the nomenclature of political science jargon.

And you ? Have you read this book ? What is your opinion ?


Hello !

Have you ever seen Ray, this movie which focusing on 30 years of the life of Ray Charles? this film was directed by Taylor Hackford, and I personally loved it ! 

Ray Charles was a pioneer in the genre of soul music during the 1950s. he was a musician and a composer. In this film, we can see the dark times of his life.



The Notebook

Looking into this blog, I have read an article about The Vow, a movie with Rachel McAdams, an actress who I particularly appreciate.

Consequently, now,  I would like to talk about an other movie starring her and Ryan Gosling. This movie is entitled The Notebook, (« N’oublie Jamais » in french) and it was released in 2004.

It is the story of a woman who have the Alzheimer’s disease and who live in a retirement home. Each day, Noah reads her the same book. This is the book where Allie has recorded its own story when she learned her illness. Not to forget her feelings, she wrote, and Noah reads to her her own words.

Behind them, we will discover Allie (the old woman) in the thirties, madly in love with a young man, Noah (the reader). Her mother will do anything to keep her, her situation is not considered good enough.
After years of separation, at the end of the Second World War, Allie is ready to marry a rich lawyer. When she reads the newspaper, she learns the return of Noah, the mood takes him again. Escaping a life of convenience, the two young people meet and discover that their love remained intact. They spend the rest of their lives together, until Allie lost memory..

I must say that the end of this movie is not really cheerfull and I could cry each time I see it ahah. But, for people who like drama and romance, I really recommend you to watch it !

And you ? Have you seen this film ? what is your opinion ?

« Pride And Prejudice » by Jane Austen

I would talk about this book because I watched the 2005 film adaptation by Joe Wright , with Keira Knightley and it gave me desire to read this book.

Pride and Prejudice is a love story written by Jane Austen between 1796 and 1797 but the book was edited in 1813. The Main Character is Elisabeth Bennet , the second daughter of an familly of five girls. Their Mother wants to marry them. And one day , to a bal Jane the eldest daughter encount Mr.Bingley a charming young man. He has an great friend Mr.Darcy , very rich but not very talkative and proud. At first impression , Elisabeth and Mr.Darcy haven’t appreciated each other.

But with time and knowledge of each other they fell in love. But still the problem of social gap separated them. Mr.Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine is clearly opposed to this union because he has to marry with her daughter. But Darcy has overcome people’s opinions and has to married with Elisabeth because he loved her. The same day that Jane and Mr.Bingley.

It was a short summary . But clearly I think it is an very good book what wrote Jane Austen.



Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

In class, we studied an extract from the book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen

I read this book in french personally and I enjoyed it. At the beginning it’s difficult to understand who are the character and their feelings but step by step I better knew the characters and their own personalities.

It’s a really good story who illustrate the condition and the differents behaviors of the characters.

Funeral Blues, by Wystan Hugh Auden

In class, we study a poem, Funeral Blues,written by Wystan Hugh Auden who is an Anglo-American poet, born in York on 21 February 1907 and died in Austria on 29 September 1973.

In my opinion, I love the poem because he used simple word to express what he feels and we understand quickly what he talks about.

There is an expression of grief because he used the past to express his feelings and everythings stops around him, he feels nothing more.                                                            We have the impression that he lost everything.

I like the way he express his feelings despite of there are sad.

Doctor who

Few month after the end of the 7th season, I would like to share my favorite series with you.

Doctor Who is a british sci-fi serie beggining on november 1963. It tell the storie of an alien who look like a human. He is a time traveler and save humanity of alien’s attack. It’s actually the oldest series in world: 26 season were distributed between October 1963 and 1996before the BBC stopped it because of a lack of audience. Fox takes the concept in 2005 and continue the storie of this strange character.

It is named Doctor Who because one of the most important plot of the serie is the name of the doctor: only two characters know it (the doctor and his wife) and this question regulary come back « doctor ? but, doctor who ? »

The doctor survived 33 season (26 before 1996 and 7 after 2005) because of one of the particuliarity of the characters is his ability to resurect in an other body twelve times, so there is twelve actors playing the same role but with little differences of characters. My favorite one his the one of the season 5,6 and 7 : Matt Smith. He is complitely neurotic,has a strange sence of humour (second degree, black humour, uses the literal sense of the words…) and always wear a bow tie, wich makes him the most charismatic doctor of doctor who !

Unfortunatly, the next season (that beggin in september) is about an other doctor ( normaly the last one: Matt Smith was the 11th). It will be hard to mourn Matt Smith, but I swear, I try hard!

God hates me by Hollis Seamon

There are books that one hesitates to open. Because they make a little scared. The subject of this book is too serious. The American Hollis Seamon had to find the right tone : funny, vivid, terribly human.
The book tells the story of a teenager who has 17 years old. He is daredevil. And he lives in a palliative care service. Richard will soon die, it is an incurable disease and it is not a secret. Neither his mother nor his nurse, or especially for himself. That’s why he needs to enjoy life despite the pain. His luck is to be loved by his family. But he also likes his neighbor of room, they will love in spite of the disease, despite the adults who do not understand. Richard will have to fight.
They have a lot of courage, and these characters remind me Romeo and Juliet
This novel offers us a life lesson and a beautiful real lesson in optimism too.


You know certainly the famous Hannibal Lecter who is a character in Thomas Harris’s Novels or you know the adaptation of these novels to the cinema.

 Since a moment i look the series developed by Brian Fuller in 2013.  The story is based on novels. The character Hannibal is played by Mads Mikkelsen. In the series Hannibal is a psychiatrist.  Will Graham has the capacity to think as a killer and he is recruited by the FBI. But his gift is very hard to support for him.  So the FBI decided that Will would be followed by doctor Hannibal Lecter.

It is a very beautiful police series who is very surprising. There is a very good casting. Mads Mikkels is a perfect Hannibal. A very strange atmosphere with many suspense. A very good  realisation with an exceptional esthetic. But some scenes are violent.



Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

I would like to talk about a film that marked me : This film is Virgin Suicides directed by Sofia Coppola in 1999.

This story takes place in a quiet American city of seventy years. Cecilia Lisbon, thirteen tries to commit suicide. She has four sisters, pretty teenage girls. This incident lights some new day the lifestyle of the whole family. The story is told by the intermediate vision of neighborhood boys obsessed by the mysterious sisters, portrayed with cynicism teenage life. Gradually, the family confines itself to itself. And , quickly, the girls are forbidden to leave from their home. But, the boys want to wear secour at these mysterious girls.

Virgin Suicides is for me a film that you feel more than we understand. Because these girls are so mysterious and this film affects us in what is more tragic, more pathetic but also more tender. Morroever, Sofia Coppola films very well the pain of living which has no explication.
The original soundtrack (made by Air) goes very well with the film.
For me, it is a masterpiece.
I know it’s not an easy film but you should watch it, it is a very good film.


Dead Man.

I would like to share with you my new treasure.

I discovered a film by Jim Jarmusch was directed in 1995. It is a exceptional western. The soundtrack composed by Neil Young who is great musician. In this movie Young improvised the music. This film is  in black and whrite and the shots are wonderful.  The story takes place in 1870,William Blake (Johnny Depp) a naive young man goes in the lost city who is very strange  for work in Mr Dickinson’s compagny. But when he arrives the job is alrealdy took. He meets an old prostitute and the problems  begin. He becomes a rebel, he is pursued and he is hurt. So he meets Nobody an indian who is rejected by his tribe. This man thinks that William Blake is the poet and he decides to save his soul. 

The director in his film we show an interpretation of the death. It is  special.

The landscape is beautiful. The music is rock’n’roll. This film is very original.


An anecdote about Shakespeare

Shakespeare often went to London to go in his native place: Stratford-upon-Avon. In this city he met Mrs Davenant of the Oxford Crown. She had a son who is the godson of Shakespeare.

One day, Shakespeare was going to visit the family  but the child was in school. A teacher asked the boy why he wanted to go home with haste. The boy said, « To my godfather, Shakespeare ». « Fie, child, says the old gentleman, « why are you so superfluous? Have not you learned yet that you should not use the name of God in vain? ».

We see that in the sixteenth century, people were already admiring of Shakespeare.

The Help by Tate Taylor

The Help is an America drama film starring Emma Stone, written and directed by Tate Taylor in 2011. It’s the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel.
This story happens in 60’s  in a town in Mississippi. There is a white woman called Skeeter, she just finishes her studies of journalism and she would like to become writer. She is interested in black housemaid’s living conditions. She looks for positive or negative testimonies concerning them. At the time, these black women look after children’s education and housework. Subsequently, Skeeter meets Aibileen and Minny who are two black housemaids, one is insolent and the other obedient. She asks them to tell their story to make a book. But it’s choking to ask that because black people aren’t allowed to tell their experience, it’s a taboo subject. Then a friendship grows between these three women. Skeeter is totally different of the others, black and white can’t see.
Thanks to this story, the audience can feel what black people have undergone at this period of America. This film includes emotion, nonsense and caricatural points but also humor.
I saw this film some time ago and I find that it’s an interested story to show the state of mind of America concerning black people, even if nowadays there is still racism. Moreover, I find that this movie is pleasant to watch and the actors play well!

Shakespeare’s major plays

I think that it could be interesting to see diffenrents plays of Shakespeare ! You can choose several play of him in this selection :

  • TRAGEDIES : In 1595 Shakespeare written « Romeo and Juliet ». After, he did « Julius Caesar » in 1599 and from 1600 to 1601 he created « Hamlet ». In 1606, he written two plays : « Macbeth » and « Anthony and Cleopatra ».
  • COMEDIES : Shakespeare did two plays from 1590 to 1591 : « The two Gentlemen of Verona » and « THe Taming of the Shrew ». In 1595 he written « A Midsummer Night’s Dream » and three years later it was « Much Ado About Nothing ». Afterwards, he created « As you Like It » in 1599-1600 and from 1604 to 1605 « All’s Well that Ends Well ».
  • ROMANCES : He written « Pericles » in 1607. In 1610 Shakespeare created « Cymbeline » and one years later he did « The tempest ».

I didn’t wrote all parts of Shakespeare but I hope that these items can help you !

Tattoos in museum

Since may 6, the Quai Branly museum presents a retrospective aubout tattoos and their history. Named « Tatoueurs, Tatouées », it is the first exhibition showing the tatto as an artistic movement. The aim is to show the evolution of tattooing over time from the first civilisation that uses it to express their belonging to a religion or mystic movement, to our civilisation where, after being a sign of social or cultural difference, it is now consider as a banal thing.
Composed of more than 300 work of art, you can find different kind of works: sketches on paper or kakémone, photo series, books criminologists, tattoued members of silicone body and… true human skins!
It also represented all continents thanks to their history ( japanese yakuza, french prisonners,etc…)
It ends the october 18 so you have all the summer to jump on a train and go to the Quai Branly museum! Don’t miss it!

a small bonus for lovers of tattoos:

Brave New World

The original title Brave New World from The tempest of William Shakespeare (Act 5 – scene 1). There is also reference to French literature, to Voltaire’s Candide.

One of main characters include this phrase with irony. This novel is written in 1931 by Adlous Huxley. The novel anticipates psychological the manipualtion and classical conditioning for profoundly change society.

The story takes place in London at « 632 Year of our Ford », after a War who touched the world who is known as « The Nine years’ War ». At the sequel the most humans live in State, only a number of « wild » are spread in reserves. The society is based on social castes.

There are : The Alphas (Ruling Elite), The Bêtas (Intelligent Workers), The Gammas ( Middle/Lower class) and The Deltas and  The Espilons (The Lower caste). Everyone is pleased on its caste and its condition, because at the birth, the population is conditionned during sleep.

The natural birth, married life no exist, it are considered like vulgar and obscene. The population is drug « Soma » for be happy everytime. Additional at the conditioning, this society hasn’t free will, contrubing to the ultimate objective of the sociel system; Stability. Sexuality is a entretainment, for to be only recreational so there isn’t tension like jealousy and possessiveness.

I recommend this book everyone, no just for this story but to have another vision of the world . Is that living happily is better than to live free ?

Sherlock Holmes

The films Sherlock holmes and A Game of Shadows by Guy Ritchie, with Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Dr Watson) are the last films today with the character of Arthur Conan Doyle.

The first release tell how Sherlock Holmes and his friend, Dr Watson succeed in the arrest of Lord Blackwood after a serie of muders. But Lord Blackwood say that he will come back to life, after his hanging, to revenge him. So after his resurrection unexplained, the city of London panic.

In the second release, Sherlock holmes faces professor Moriarty. This man want death and destruction. Across France, Swiss and Germany Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson unlock the mysteries of Pr Moriarty.

I find the facias expressions of Robert Downey Jr present an excentric Sherlock holmes with his fads. It make humours with his behaviour. I prefer the first than the second release but this last is very interesting for his set and his costumes.

And you what do you think about this two films?

Nosferatu by Murnau

Nosferatu is an adaptation of the gothic novel Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. The silent film was directed by Murnau (a German director) in 1921, and released in 1922, starring Max Schreck as (the vampire) Count Orlok.

Because it was an unauthorized adaptation of the Bram Stoker’s novel, Murnau decided to change characters names and some details of the story, so we can say that Dracula’s story inspired the director.

Thomas Hutter and the Count Orlok

Nosferatu ; The Bird of Death

The story takes place in 1938, Thomas Hutter, a young man, was sent in Transylvania to sell an house to the Count Orlok. During the journey, people, who heard him say the name of the Count, were totally scared and discouraged him to do the travel to the castle during the night, because of the werewolf. When Hutter arrived at Count Orlok castle, he noticed a strange atmosphere. And, when he met the Count, the young man suspected him to be Nosferatu the vampire (because of his strange behaviour). One evening, when the two men signed the agreement to buy the house, Orlok discovered the portrait of Hutter’s wife, Ellen. And, during the night, Hutter discovered Count Orlok true nature (his suspicions were true) : he was Nosferatu, the Bird of Death.

But what happened next ? I let you discovered !

Nosferatu, the film