A vampire story very different from the others!

Only Lovers Left Alive is a recent film directed by Jim Jarmusch. The director revisits the myth of Adam and Eve and also the story of Dracula.

The scene takes place between Detroit and Tanger. Here, the two main characters are vampires. Adam is an underground musician who is depressed by humans activities. He meets again Eve, his wife, who is an enigmatic woman. Their love story been going on for many centuries. But their existence will be disturbed by the arrival of Eve’s sister, an undisciplined teenager.
Adam and Eve don’t know if they can survive in this modern world that fall around them…

This film is romantic and also gothic. In fact the story is a review of our society.
The main actors play very good and the sound track is very lively. More over, films techniques and the atmosphere are very interesting.
Only Lovers Left Alive is a real success!

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  1. It seems to be a good movie moreover i am a vampire movie addict, i love the atmosphere in these films but i also love change which seem’s to be present in this Movie.

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