Divergente by Neil Burger

Yesterday I went to the cinema and I watched Divergente directed by Neil Burger. It’s an adaptation from the teen’s saga Divergent written by Veronica Roth.

The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic Chicago. After a devastating war, the Government divided the society in five factions: Abnegation (Altruistes) for the selfless; Amity (Fraternels) for the peaceful; Candor (Sincères) for the honest; Dauntless (Audacieux) for the brave and Erudites (Érudits) for the intelligent. Each years, all the teenagers who’s got sixteen have an aptitude test which determined the faction which they are best suited. After that, they decide to stay in their family’s faction or to transfer to anoter faction. This choice is definitive.

Beatrice Prior, a sixteen-year-old Abnegation has her test, it reveals that Beatrice is indicated for three factions: Abnegation, Erudites and Dauntless. In fact, she is a rare person called Divergent. Unfortunatelly this kind of people are pursued by the Government because they are uncontrollables. Beatrice chose Dauntless and changed her name for Tris. How will she do to hide her secret and moreover, to stay in life ?

The movie is amazing. It fits greatly with the novel, every characters are respected and every actors plays perfectly. There are a lots of enlighted shots and a beautiful atmosphere based on lights and shadows. Moreover, it is a good critic of the tomorrow society.

I advise you to watch it realy fast !!

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  1. I was very surprise when I watched this movie, usually, I don’t like this kind of films but I really liked it !

  2. I love this kind of films! Like you, I’ve seen this film when I went to the cinema. Thanks to a friend, I will go to read Divergent’s book. A friend told me that they were better.

  3. Omg I had to watch this movie can be five times since its release a few weeks ago. I love this film, although the film’s ending is really predictable.

  4. I read books and I’m afraid to watch the movie to avoid the risk of being disappointed. But I think if everyone found it’s well, I’ll watch it

  5. I saw the film at the cinema also and it is very good. I’ll even buy the books.

  6. the society in this film look like at the society in the Aldus huxley’s novel Brave New World

  7. the society in this film look like at the society in the Aldous huxley’s novel Brave New World

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