Southern Gothic Genre and Beautiful Creatures

I have read a saga, during 4 years entitled Beautiful Creatures (16 Lunes in french).

This saga belongs to the southern gothic genre. This genre was born in United States of America, more exactly in the south. It’s another genre of fantasy but with some elements of gothic genre. In fact there is a plot all along the novel, punctated by supernatural, oniric or unusual events. Grotesque situations, places or characters are present a lots.

Beautiful Creatures written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and published in 2010, tell the story of Ethan, a teenager who lives in Gatlin, a little village of South Carolina. One day a new young girl, called Lena, settles in this village and Ethan falls in love with her. But Lena hides a terrible secrets, and her family too, there are Casters (Enchanteresse) and they have special powers. Ethan, Lena and lots of other characters are dragged in a war between Light Casters and Dark Casters, but humans can be hurt too !

I adore this saga and I read all the four books, I advise you to read it if you like fantasy !

But don’t watch the adaptation, there is very bad and doesn’t look like the novel !

3 thoughts on “Southern Gothic Genre and Beautiful Creatures

  1. I don’t read the books but I saw the adaptation and you are right, I found it very bad. I should have read the books before because the film has really disappointed me.

  2. i heard good things about this saga and i totally agree with you: the movie is terrible!

  3. Contrary to you, I’ve like this film. I don’t still read the books but in my opinion, it’s a good movie. First, the landscape, actors and special effects are very nice! Moreover, the story is interesting. As regards the adaptation, I’ve never read the books so I’ll see.

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