The Place Beyond The Pines

I have seen this film few weeks ago but I have to admit that it really affected me. The Place beyond the pines is different in the way that it was realized. The plot is devided is 3 parts.


The story’s beginning is about Luke, a gifted motorcycle stunt who work in a funfair and who decided to find his ex girlfriend, Romina, that he left few months ago. They finally meet but he discovers that Romina has remade her life with another man and that he have a son but Romina never wanted to tell him. Beyond the fact that Luke still loving her, he decides to change his life to earn money, to bring a brighter future to his family, especially his son. One day he meets Robin, a garage owner, who tells him how to find the money that Lukes needs : he has to rob banks. Robin explains him that seeing that he his a really gifted moto rider, he can succeed and help his son. Luke accepts and starts to become a robber. He understands that he can become rich and he starts to looking for more. But one day, after an umpteenth rob, things go wrong. Avery Cross, a novice policeman, is determinated to find Luke and stop him. After a long chase, Avery get hurt but kill Luke.

In the second part, we can follow Avery’s recover. The town consider him as a hero by killing a criminal. But in fact, the policeman feels guilty : he knows that he could have avoid this murder and learns that Luke had a son who was the same age as his son. We starts to follow him in his daily life and he perceives that the whole police station is corrupted. Disgusted, he tries to restore the truth in vain. The time passes and Avery feels more and more oppressed by his relatives and people that he thought they were his friends.

In the last part, that takes place years later, we meet Jason, Luke’s son, and AJ, Avery’s son. Both go at the same school and finally starts to being friends. But one day, Jason and AJ are caught smoking drugs and Avery learns that Jason is Luke’s son. Few months later, Jason discovers his father’s past and how is father get killed…



This film is really interessant because the 3 parts are perfectly linked and the plot is really well done :  The fact that the murder’s consequences are moved on their sons is really subtle and interesting : it renforces all the feelings toward the characters. I loved the whay that the director has chosen to follow Avery during his mental breakdown, we can feel the regrets, the bitterness in Avery’s mind and his guiltiness. I also liked the corrupted policemen concept ; it improves dramatic tension and in a way, it bring a kind of realtistic feeling. The riding scales are really impressive too ;

By the way, if I have to talk the cast… How can I hate it when I saw that Ryan Gosling played Luke ? How ? I mean this man must be my favourite american actor : he is mysterious and absolutely touching. This role was perfect for him, a man who just wanted to bring the best to his family and who was determined to do everything for that. Ryan (Or Luke I don’t know anymore haha) is a kind of ideal man to me.

Bradley Cooper is also an excellent actor, I think that he was really made for this role ; someone who dreamed of becoming a symbol of truth and peace in the Police but realized that this world was not that nice.

Oh and a word about Dan DeeHan (Jason).. We have to follow this guy, he is really talented. Even now I don’t understand how he can be so fragile and so strong in the same character. I will have to see his other films.

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  1. I also saw this movie and I find it very moving. The story is fascinating. I think it is very well built.

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