William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, a famous poet, writer and playwright, is born in April 1563 at Stratford Upon Avon and dead the April 1616 in the same town.                                           He was one of the few playwrights who praticed comedy than tragedy as well.                   He is mainly famed for writing the most famous works like Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet.

During my school trip in England 2 years ago, I visited the Globe Theatre and the Shakespeare’s house, it was a great experience for me because it’s like to live like Shakespeare, it’s a good memory.                                                                                       During the visit, I saw his bedroom, dining room and his kitchen, this is a different house compared to our also I can imagine how he live a that time.

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  1. You are lucky to visited Shakespeare’s house, I think it was very interesting.

  2. Two years ago I went to England too. I visited the Globe Theatre and the Shakespeare’s house. I remember that we belonged to the same school trip. It was great!

  3. He was a great artist of his time and even ours. Talk about him in English literature is obvious!

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