Invictus by Clint Eatswood

In English class, we saw Invictus by Clint Eastwood realised in 2009. The story happened in 1995, South Africa organised the World Cup Rugby. At this period Mandela began to be president of country. He staid 27 years in jail and he spent his life to struggle against apartheid. He thinks that thank to sport black and white people could be a national union. There is a team called Springboks, it’s a symbol for a long time of white people of South Africa ; “one team, one country”. White people govern apartheid. Mandela would change mentalities to make live the Rainbow nation.

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  1. At the beginning of the movie, I was a little bit septic. But finally I was surprised at the end, which was fine in my opinion.

  2. I loved this movie, it shows that sport has played a role in the union of South Africa, it is very well made in this film.

  3. I saw this film two days after Nelson Mandela’s death, , I loved this film and I was very moved by his struggle.

  4. You’re right, sport is a good thing to unite people from different countries all around the world. It would be a pleasure to watch this movie, because Nelson Mandela was a person who went down in history.

  5. I saw this film more of five times, and that’s one of my favorite. I think it is a good tribute for Mandela, and I am very found of South Africa and rugby

  6. This film is a really good tribute for the struggle of Mandela ! It was a man with big ideas and thanks to him the mentalities in Africa evolved!

  7. « Invictus » is a really good project but, above all, I think it’s essential to perpetuate the memory of people as important as Mandela thank’s to movies.

  8. This film is very good because it is authentic and shows the difficulty of reconciling people. And makes us understand life in South Africa after appartheid.
    I like it

  9. Morgan Freeman is amazing in Nelson Mandela’s role !! I mixed up both !!

  10. I looked several times early but I’ve never finished. It’s a shame because it looks really great area, realistic and boring!

  11. I loved each extracts that we saw, I think I will see it in full version soon.

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