« I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul »
 (extract from William Ernest Henley’s poem « Invictus », 1888)

The film Invictus was directed by Clint Eastwood, in 2009. We can find two well-known actors who play the main characters : Matt Damon (the Springbok’s captain called François Pienaar), and Morgan Freeman (the South African President, Nelson Mandela).

South Africa host the Rugby World Cup, in 1995. At the beginning of his term as president, Nelson Mandela see in this sporting event, the opportunity to unite his contry. In fact, the Springbok’s team (the national rugby team) was a symbol of the white rule in South Africa and also a symbol of the apartheid regime (that is the segregation between the Whites and the Blacks in South Africa). The two leaders, Mandela and Pienaar, aim to unite the « rainbow nation » (with racial groups) behind a common goal : the championship.

I think the project of unite this country behind the Rugby World Cup was one of the biggest challenges for South Africa. This film is very interesting and the two main actors have a lot of talent. They are credible and very moving. I think that Morgan Freeman is admirable in the part of Nelson Mandela and this film is very realistic because of the amazing ressemblance Morgan Freeman with Nelson Mandela.

I really like this film and I would advise you to see it !

10 réflexions au sujet de « Invictus »

  1. I like this movie, moreover, it helps us to understand the history of South America !

  2. This film is really a little jewel. The acting of Morgan Freeman is just incredible too. Clint Eastwood is, definitively, an amazing director because all his productions are brilliant. For example, The Bridges of Madison County, directed in 1995 with him and Meryl Streep is a wonderful film!

  3. I think that’s well to make a praise to Mandela. Because of this film some people realize that we are physically different, but..just in appearance. « We must be all equal », that’s the message of this movie!

  4. This is a beautiful film that is based on real facts which helps to understand these events in South Africa.

  5. This movie is beautiful and it’s a homage to Nelson Mandela. I’ve loved it !

  6. At the beginning, I was afraid that’s a rather tedious political film, then I was very surprised! This film shows very well the generosity of Nelson Mandela!

  7. I agree with Laura and I think she has found the main message of the film : « We must be all equal » too.

  8. Clint Eastwood is such a great actor and director ! And Morgan Freeman really looks like Neslon Mandela !

  9. I didn’t know this movie but thanks to Mrs Morin, I had the pleasure to see it and I loved the story ! We discover one of the objectives of Nelson Mandela, to win the Rugby World Cup, in order to reconcile people.

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