Funeral Blues, by Wystan Hugh Auden

In class, we study a poem, Funeral Blues,written by Wystan Hugh Auden who is an Anglo-American poet, born in York on 21 February 1907 and died in Austria on 29 September 1973.

In my opinion, I love the poem because he used simple word to express what he feels and we understand quickly what he talks about.

There is an expression of grief because he used the past to express his feelings and everythings stops around him, he feels nothing more.                                                            We have the impression that he lost everything.

I like the way he express his feelings despite of there are sad.

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  1. I really like this poem and I agree with you it’s great because we can understand well what are he’s feelings.

  2. This poem makes me completely depressed… it’s really well written and the poet achieves to convey us his emotions in a beautiful way.

  3. I was surprising to see that with simple words we can convey emotions !
    I enjoy watching the movie in class, because we were affected by the sadness of the actor !

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