Nosferatu by Murnau

Nosferatu is an adaptation of the gothic novel Dracula, written by Bram Stoker. The silent film was directed by Murnau (a German director) in 1921, and released in 1922, starring Max Schreck as (the vampire) Count Orlok.

Because it was an unauthorized adaptation of the Bram Stoker’s novel, Murnau decided to change characters names and some details of the story, so we can say that Dracula’s story inspired the director.

Thomas Hutter and the Count Orlok

Nosferatu ; The Bird of Death

The story takes place in 1938, Thomas Hutter, a young man, was sent in Transylvania to sell an house to the Count Orlok. During the journey, people, who heard him say the name of the Count, were totally scared and discouraged him to do the travel to the castle during the night, because of the werewolf. When Hutter arrived at Count Orlok castle, he noticed a strange atmosphere. And, when he met the Count, the young man suspected him to be Nosferatu the vampire (because of his strange behaviour). One evening, when the two men signed the agreement to buy the house, Orlok discovered the portrait of Hutter’s wife, Ellen. And, during the night, Hutter discovered Count Orlok true nature (his suspicions were true) : he was Nosferatu, the Bird of Death.

But what happened next ? I let you discovered !

Nosferatu, the film

4 réflexions au sujet de « Nosferatu by Murnau »

  1. I watched this movie 5 years ago and I was afraid by the character of Nosferatu… He makes me scared even today !

  2. This film is sooo frightening ! This old movie is a little bit overdone, but Nosferatu stay one of the most horrible monster that i ever knew.. !

  3. Murnau is one of the greatest director at the beginning of the 20th century. The actor who plays Count Orlok is just dreadful…

  4. I think Murnau chose Shreck because he was really tall : 1m91 ! It was uncommon at that time. He’s so scary with his long teeth and nails, and his big eyes !

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