Sherlock Holmes

The films Sherlock holmes and A Game of Shadows by Guy Ritchie, with Robert Downey Jr (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Dr Watson) are the last films today with the character of Arthur Conan Doyle.

The first release tell how Sherlock Holmes and his friend, Dr Watson succeed in the arrest of Lord Blackwood after a serie of muders. But Lord Blackwood say that he will come back to life, after his hanging, to revenge him. So after his resurrection unexplained, the city of London panic.

In the second release, Sherlock holmes faces professor Moriarty. This man want death and destruction. Across France, Swiss and Germany Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson unlock the mysteries of Pr Moriarty.

I find the facias expressions of Robert Downey Jr present an excentric Sherlock holmes with his fads. It make humours with his behaviour. I prefer the first than the second release but this last is very interesting for his set and his costumes.

And you what do you think about this two films?

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  1. I like this film! I remember that it’s you who made me know. What I prefer in this movie is the cynical humor which prevail.

  2. I like very much this film too, but there is some time very very long for me !

  3. Sherlock Holmes saga is just amazing ; the plots are well made and we have solve myseries at the same time as the characters in the films ! I like Robert Downey Jr. play and his humour : he perfectly fits with Holme’s state of mind in the way that Sherlock is a mysterious, funny but complicated character.

  4. I saw the first Sherlock Holmes and I plan to see the second. I think that Robert Downey play very good Sherlock Holmes.

  5. I love Sherlock Holmes and this kind of films
    The Sherlock Holmes’s dog it’s so cute and funny I want the same !!

  6. I think this film is great ! The complicity between Sherlock and Watson is very touching. And I love Robert Downey Jr !!!

  7. I really like Robert Downey Jr because he’s a great actor and in my opinion, Sherlock Holmes is the character he plays best.

  8. I love these two films, my favorite moment in the first film is when RDJ speaks (very well) french ! He’s accent is really fun ! And in both films, the soundtrack is so nice (thank you Hans Zimmer !)

  9. I like this film too ! I think Robert Downey Jr sticks very well to the Sherlock Holmes’ character.

  10. I love this film ! And I LOOOVE Robert Downey Jr ! He is a brilliant actor and it’s necessary to admit that he is sexy..

  11. Oh and naturally I love Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack ! I made an article about him

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