The Help by Tate Taylor

The Help is an America drama film starring Emma Stone, written and directed by Tate Taylor in 2011. It’s the film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s novel.
This story happens in 60’s  in a town in Mississippi. There is a white woman called Skeeter, she just finishes her studies of journalism and she would like to become writer. She is interested in black housemaid’s living conditions. She looks for positive or negative testimonies concerning them. At the time, these black women look after children’s education and housework. Subsequently, Skeeter meets Aibileen and Minny who are two black housemaids, one is insolent and the other obedient. She asks them to tell their story to make a book. But it’s choking to ask that because black people aren’t allowed to tell their experience, it’s a taboo subject. Then a friendship grows between these three women. Skeeter is totally different of the others, black and white can’t see.
Thanks to this story, the audience can feel what black people have undergone at this period of America. This film includes emotion, nonsense and caricatural points but also humor.
I saw this film some time ago and I find that it’s an interested story to show the state of mind of America concerning black people, even if nowadays there is still racism. Moreover, I find that this movie is pleasant to watch and the actors play well!

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  1. I really like this movie, it’s very interesting and I agree with you the actors play very well!

  2. I would like to see this movie because it seems interesting and funny, especialy with insolence of Minny.

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