Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

I would like to talk about a film that marked me : This film is Virgin Suicides directed by Sofia Coppola in 1999.

This story takes place in a quiet American city of seventy years. Cecilia Lisbon, thirteen tries to commit suicide. She has four sisters, pretty teenage girls. This incident lights some new day the lifestyle of the whole family. The story is told by the intermediate vision of neighborhood boys obsessed by the mysterious sisters, portrayed with cynicism teenage life. Gradually, the family confines itself to itself. And , quickly, the girls are forbidden to leave from their home. But, the boys want to wear secour at these mysterious girls.

Virgin Suicides is for me a film that you feel more than we understand. Because these girls are so mysterious and this film affects us in what is more tragic, more pathetic but also more tender. Morroever, Sofia Coppola films very well the pain of living which has no explication.
The original soundtrack (made by Air) goes very well with the film.
For me, it is a masterpiece.
I know it’s not an easy film but you should watch it, it is a very good film.

9 thoughts on “Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

  1. It’s my favorite film, Victoria! I like the Sofia Coppola’s films very much. You should watch Lost in Translation if you don’t know it.

  2. It’s my favorite film of Sofia Coppola. I love the way she deals with the bored in each of this films. And i agree with you Mathilde, « Lost in Translation » is really great too.

  3. I really like this movie, first Kirsten Dunst is my favorite actress, Air is one of my favorite bands… You’re right when you say that it’s more a film that we must feel instead of understanding. It’s so strange, mysterious, sad too but for these girls, suicide means freedom I think and this film represents the world of Sofia Coppola : the youth, nature, freedom, love…It’s a kind of modern romantism.

  4. Mathilde had advised me and I love this film !! I find that Virgin Suicides is very interesting movie. Sofia Coppola is a very good director. Moreover, I like the film of her father too : Francis Ford Coppola.

  5. It’s true that it’s a very sad story but I think Sofia Coppola is a great director and this movie is really well done.

  6. At first, I was transported by the film’s plot. Narrative from boy’s point of view, completely captivated by these girls, brings this mysterious atmosphere. Every detail of their life is taken as a clue that will lead us to an answer (to explain these suicides), but that answer unfortunately never happens ! I think the pace of the film is too slow

  7. I have heard a lot about this movie, and about its music, I am going to add it on my list of movies to be watched !

  8. I’m about to see this film, I love Sofia Coppola’s work in general, I hope that I will be not disappointed !

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