The Brontë Sisters.

I would like talking about Emily, Charlotte and Anne Brontë. These women are great novelists of the 19th above all Emily and Charlotte. I’ll focus, in particular, on Emily and Charlotte whose I read the most of works.

So, they grew up in an isolated place, in the West Riding of the Yorkshire. In spite of this « imprisonment », all of the Brontë family display a huge creativity with a lot of imagination. This place where they live, is a wild place, so we can guess why it’s often the same atmosphere which reigns in their differents books.

So, I read Jane Eyre and, one of my favorite books, Wuthering Heights. This last deals with a « strange » love story, accompagnied by wild characters and unheathly atmosphere. I’d rather avoid to give too details! As of Jane Eyre, the story distinguish herself by the feminism in advance for this time. Now, I would like reading one of the book of Anne Brontë.

Unfortunetly, the destiny of the Brontë family is tragic. The most of died of tuberculosis, often young.

So, you should read the Brontë’s books, and watch the film adaptions which accompany the novels like the version of Jane Eyre directed by Zefirelli, with Charlotte Gainsbourg, or even, Jane Eyre according to Fukunaga which is more recent. 

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