American History X

American History X

Derek (Edouard Norton) and his brother Danny (Edouard Furlong) live and study in California. Derek join a neo-nazi skinhead movement to avenge his father’s death. In fact, his father, who was fireman, was killed by a black dealer while he tried to extinguish a fire in a ghetto. One night, Derek kills two black men, who tried to steal the car of his dead father. After three years in prison for the murders, Derek is released and transformed but he finds Danny, influenced by his old racist ideologies. Derek will try to prevent him from following the same way as him.

 The alternating of black and white to evoke Derek’s memories gives depth to the subject. This first film directed by Tony Kaye deals with important themes. I loved this movie that explains the origin of racism and extremism in the United States (through the story of an American family). 

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  1. Hey, I think I’ll watch it. I really like the plot,and It’s important to talk about social issues, because I think it’s more noticable in America that people have some problems with extremism. Thanks for sharing !

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