Bridge to Terabithia

I want to speak about a film entitled Bridge to Terabithia directed by Gabor Csupo in 2007. In fact is an adaptation of a book written by Katherine Paterson in 1977.

I’ll tell you the synopsis: Jess, a young boy, comes from a large family that is in financial difficulties. At the school, he doesn’t have a lot of friend and he is ill-at-ease because his classmates are naughty with him. At home, the atmosphere isn’t joyful…
Only his favorite hobby, the drawing, permits him to escape from the reality. Fortunately, he becomes friend with his neighbour, Leslie. Together they invent a wonderful world called Terabithia where they run away their daily life. But when this magical world becomes real, they are confronted with many dangerous adventures.

This film shows the harsh reality of the life through the story of two children who reveal their experiences, their ideas, their expectations but also their doubts.
It’s a touching film!

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  1. It is my childhood’s movie, very stirring, and a beautiful illustation of perfect world for children.

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