Drop Dead Diva

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I’m currently here to write about my favourite tv series, Drop Dead Diva ! It’s quite famous in the US and the 6th season started a month ago.

Let’s start with the plot : Deb Dobkins is georgous but not really smart model; she lives with her boyfriend Greyson. One day, someone called her for a casting so she took her car but she had an accident and died immediately. She’s sent in Heaven but she found another way to go back to world and she arrived in Jane Bingum’s body, a lawyer who just get hit by a criminal. Deb must start a new and completely different life. Morever, the lawyer office where she works is the same as Greyson, her devasted ex-boyfriend. Jane/Deb has to cope with her new situation with her bestfriend Stacy, the only human who know her secret. She also has to live with her Guardian Angel Fred sent from Heaven to protect her secret.

I know that this story can be considered stupid or not really interesting but you have to watch it to understand how great it is. The episodes are composed from 1 or 2 cases that Jane or their associates have to defend ; it’s really captivating and you can follow the main plot in the background, this technique permits to avoid annoying episodes. This tv show is full of humour and it’s a real lesson of acceptation of oneself, we have to look over the physic to discover awesome people and an humility lesson for the main character who have to live with a different body that is totally opposed to her old one.

So if you have free time, don’t hesitate it’s worth it !


7 réflexions au sujet de « Drop Dead Diva »

  1. I don’t like this tv series because of the story… There is not many actions, and love stories… I prefer Gossip Girl, which is my favourite tv series!

  2. I like this serie! That’s funny, and the stories is original! The actors are awesome, they played very well!

  3. I had not seen your article and it’s surprising. I’m aggre with you this serie is very funny!

  4. I watch a lot of tv series and most of the time I watch every episodes and I just can’t wait to see the following ones but what I like with « Drop dead Diva » is that you can watch an episode and understand the story without seeing all the previous episodes.

  5. I have seen an episode of the tv serie, it’s a little funny but not more! I prefer other series who are more interesting!

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