Jane Campion

This Week, all the eyes are turned towards the cinema’s festival which takes places in Cannes. The festival, created in 1946 by Jean Zay, is now 68 years old and this year, the president of the panel is Jane Campion. This New Zealander director and scriptwriter already got a reward in 1993 for his film untitled « The Piano ».

Last year, I saw another film by this artist, untitled « Bright Star » and received with keenness by the review. Abbie Cornish performs as Fanny Brawne, and acts in company with Ben Wishaw and Paul Shneider, who played two poets desperate by the absence of inspiration. Keats, the first of these poets, falls in love with Fanny, despite their opposite natures. In the town of London, during the 19tieth century, they beggin to share poetry but their circle look unfavorably upon this connection.

But this poetical passion will end tragically. The care of details, the settings, the photography, the costumes and all the shots are really wonderful. All was well-planed by Jane Campion, this great film-maker known as one of the most important cinema’s personnality of our century.

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  1. I like Jane Campion, she is talented director. I don’t know this movie but it is very interested.

  2. I like Jane Campion’s works a lot, espiacially « the piano ». I’m mainly very impressed by one work: « top of the lake » (a TV series), one of my best discoveries of this year.

  3. I really liked this movie. The way that it was filmed is just beautiful. I can’t prevent me from crying with this really tragic story.

  4. I saw several films by Jane Campion and I love this film’s director. She takes care on the image’s construction. Her work is beautiful! I don’t know this film but I will see it very soon. Thank you Adele!

  5. I watched Bright Star and The Piano, directed by Jane Campion. And personally, she is a talented director. I’ve a little preference for The Piano, I’ve cried the first time I watched it.

  6. Hey I know you posted it long time ago but what a stunning trailer ! The cast seems really great, I noticed Thomas Brodie Sangster (I love him so much), and now I really want to see it since I love Jane Campion’s work. Thanks for sharing !

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