Les Miserables, by Tom Hooper.

I’ll talk about the film « Les Miserables » , adapted by Tom Hooper ( The King’s Speech ) in 2012. This is a musical film. The main actors are Hugh Jackman ( Jean Valjean ) , Russell Crowe ( Javert ), Anne Hathaway ( Fantine ) , Amanda Seyfried ( Cosette ) and Eddie Redmayne ( Marius ) .

This is the story of Jean Valjean , imprisoned 19 years for stealing a bread only .. This man is still honest and has an incredible strength . Once released ( conditional liberty ) , he became mayor and meets Fantine , a woman who has a lot of debt for the family who takes care of her daughter, Cosette. Fantine is really poor, and must sale her hair or her teeth for having money.. At her death, took pity , Valjean promises to find her daughter and take care of her as a father. But Javert , the relentless policeman, continues to search him unabated. Then follow a story wich is totally epic and dramatic , get ready to cry !

Personally. loved this movie, the characters are all so lovable , even Javert ..! We see everything from horror, love, despair , pity , mutual aid .. This film is beautiful, I highly recommend to all . In addition, the music , the songs are very, very beautiful and full of meaning. I found myself holding my breath or cry at some moments of the movie .. Especially at the end. So don’t hesitat , if you have a little time to loose ( 2h30. . !) Watch this movie, you will not be disappointed, i swear !

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  1. I saw this film, it was interesting, but I think it’s too long !
    I was relieved when the film ended …

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