Lord of Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding and published in 1954. It known a great success in 1960, and is often given for reading in colleges and schools, even if there are a lot of violent scenes (the most are at the end).

This is the story of a group of childrens, who survived after a plane crash. They decide to instaure in the island a little society, to survive as long as possible. They elect Ralph (one of the most intelligent child) to keep order. The young boy’s goal is to maintain a smoke signal with fire, to have chance to be spotted by a boat. He also decide to take a conch as rallying sign. « Piggy » is also one of the most intelligent child in the whole island, and Ralph’s best friend , but he’s always bullied because he’s obese, and myopic. Over days, the children’s society is deteriorated, and tensions are strong between Ralph and Jack, who is his perfect opposite : he’s violent, pessimistic and impetuous. Two clans will form, with the apparition of a mysterious beast ..

Lord of the Flies is a great novel, because Golding make the satire of the real society. Every character represents a characteristic of the society (for example, Ralph represents the democracy, Piggy the knowledge but also the weakness, and Jack the warrior power..)

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  1. Someone have already speak to me about this novel and I was not convinced to read this book but with your article, I look forward to this reading.

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