Nicholas Sparks

I would like to talk about Nicholas Sparks, an american author that I read two books : The Last Song  and The Lucky One. He is the author of The Notebook too, maybe you saw the adaptation (in french : N’oublie jamais). Lot of his books have been adapted into movies.

The Last Song tells the story of a girl, Ronnie, who doesn’t see her father since her parents divorced. She lives with her mother but one day this one decide to send away her daughter to the father hoping for a reconciliation. Ronnie’s father is a pianist who lives at the seaside. Over there she meets a boy and falls in love with him… But the story doesn’t stop there. Her relationship with her father is more and more touching, and the end is wonderful…

The Lucky One is about a soldier who find, during the war in Iraq, a photo of a woman. He keeps it in his pocket and lot of good things happen to him. He begins to believe that this photo is his lucky. After the war, he goes in search of this woman and the book tells their meeting… There is a lot of suspens and the story is very beautiful.

Have you ever read them ? Or have you ever seen the movies ? If it’s not the case, I advise you to read the books !

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  1. I love Nicholas Sparks!!! He is one of my favourite authors! My favourite book of him is A Walk to Remember!

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