On the road by Jack Kerouac


I read « On the Road » by Jack Kerouac this summer. I really liked this book. It is the most famous novel by this author, writes in 1957.

The novel tells the adventures of the author (Sal Paradise) and a traveling companion Neal Cassady (Dean Moriarty in the novel). « On the Road » was one of what Kerouac named the « Beat Generation » novels. Thus, this book tells the story of  Jack Kerouac who travels the U.S in search of a new lifestyle. This is a road trip to denounce his society.  So, I think this book is not a simple story, it is a state of mind of this generation.  He wan’t to meet the world, others and himself by this road trip.

And, personally, what I particularly liked in this book is that Kerouac tell us live to 100% and discover new sensations . The friendship, the meetings and the travels are  the themes of Kerouac in this novel . Contrary to appearances of some people, (for example it is the opinion of my aunt) does not glorify drugs.

I also saw the film On the Road by Walter Salles but it is much less well than the book. The director does not tell all book and it is unfortunate. In any case I think we should read the book because it is the best road trip in writing!

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  1. I also read this book a few months ago, I liked it much. It really did travelled me, and I like much the period in which the characters are, that of the hippies

  2. I wanted to read this book this summer, but I doubted a little about the story but now I’m perfectly sure that I want to read it !

  3. I read one extract in English class, but I never read because the story doesn’t interested me as much.

  4. I would like to see the adaptation in cinema because Kirsten stewart, with all the critics we can make about the Twilight saga, is really great in « Sils Maria » who was directed by Olivier Assayas. I saw this film in october and I understand why it was nominated for the « Grand Prix ».

  5. Travels books are the best 😉 I started to read this book this summer but I didn’t have the time to finish it; I think I will fix it really soon ! Thanks for your review 🙂

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