Robert Louis Stevenson was born in 1850. He was a scottisch poetist, essayist and novelist. After his birth in a wealthy family in Edinburgh, he chose to become a writer during his youth. But his father was against this choice because he wanted that his son become an ingeneer to follow him. So at 17 years old, Stevenson undertook ingeneer study but he left his University. Then he studied law and obtained a diploma.

He travelled in 1876 across France and Belgium, and met Fanny Osbourn. They fall in love but she was married and had two children. Moreover she lived in America and came back to this country to divorce. However Stevenson’s father said that if Stevenson go to join her, he cut his victuales. So in the goal to forget this impossible love, Stevenson went travelling in the Cévennes.

Finally, Stevenson and Fanny ex-Osbourn get married in 1880. After the Stevenson’s father death in 1887, Stevenson travelled to find a right climate for his health problems and died in 1874 in Vailama (Samoa).


I read travels with a donkey in the Cévennes and The amateur emigrant. This two books tell Stevenson’s travels in 1879 and 1879. The first travel is to froget and accept his love with Fanny Osbourn. At the end, he takes a decision: desobeys to his father in order to join Fanny Osbourn in America. This decision his take because during his travel, Stevenson meets many people, and walks. This facts  permit to him to change his opinion.The second novel: The amateur emigrant is Stevenson’s travel to America and the beginning in this new country. It permits to Stevenson to prepare him to his commitment with Fanny Osbourn.

You can remark that Stevenson is often considered like an author of fantastic and adventure novel for teenager with particulary his book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde or Treasure Island.  But we can notices with all this works that he exploited all the aspects of narration and practiced a real work on his writing.

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