Cool World

I want to talk about an American animated fantasy film Cool World directed by Ralph Bakshi in 1992, starring Brad Pitt, Gabriel Byrne and Kim Basinger.
The story begins in 1945 at Las Vegas during the Second World War, Frank Harris (Brad Pitt) and his mother are ridding on a motorcycle, but suddenly they are knocked down by a car causing. This mother dies and Frank survives, then he is transported to Cool World. Many years later, Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne) who is the famous creator of the comic strip “cool world” is in jail because he had killed a man. Anytime the reality changes totally to transport him in the universe he has created. In fact, to understand, he is in a cartoon world. There, he meets Holli Wood (plays by the actress Kim Basinger when she is in the reality world), she attracts him and they become friends, then they go together in the real world.He meets too Frank Harris who is a detective for a long time in this universe, unfortunately he is a prisoner in this world.
I enjoyed watching this film, and liked the graphic. I like cartoons or animated films and I find it’s a good idea when the films mix animation. If you like too watching cartoons, I advice this movie.

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  1. This movie is well made but it disappointed me because I don’t enjoy really this toons. I think that nobody will do better than Roger Rabbit.

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