Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

Like the Cranberries, U2 is an Irish rock band who is formed in 1976.

Sunday Bloody Sunday is a song on their album entitled War released in 1983. This song is about the conflict of the North of Ireland. It's a tribute of Derry's event in 1972 called "Bloody Sunday" : peaceful demonstrators are killed by the British army during a walk organized by Ivan Cooper to protest for the civic rights's respect of Catholics of Ulster and to protest against locals powers's discrimination, which inspires the band to write this song.

It's a commited song and the band are conscious of it. In fact, they have been criticized about this song but they have been a great success too.

The lyrics are about violence, anger, it describes scene of battle and it criticizes media which trivialize the scenes of violence.

Many people appreciate this song because it raises an universal subject : injustice and violence by the power on the people, the discrimination, the war, the useless deaths,...

And you, what do you think of commited song?

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  1. U2 it is a famous group and they are very engaged. This song is powerful. On account of this song that i learnt these evenements in Irland.

  2. For me, it’s one of the most known songs in the world and it’s really damage because they made much better!!

  3. I really like this song and I think that it’s a really good thing that famous music bands transmit their ideas about the society in songs.

  4. I love this « War » album, to me it was the best from U2, and Bloody Sunday is a real « pillar » in the committed song segment.

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