The great Gatsby

Last year, we saw a great movie, for my part, it was The great Gatsby, with the famous actor: Leonardi Di Caprio.

I really enjoyed this film because there is an attractive love story between the main character, Daisy and Gatsby, where we can think that it’s an impossible love because Daisy is married as another man while Gatsby always love her.                             Throughout this film, Gatsby tries to lure back his beloved.

The end of the movie is very compelling, we don’t expect it necessarily.

But all the same, it’s a beautiful film

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  1. Personally I don’t enjoy this movie even if they are some scene which are very beautiful! And I’m not a big fan of Leonardo Di Caprio ahaha

  2. I’m agree with you, the actors are famous in this film and the decor and the special effects are amazing !

  3. Even if isn’t my kind of films, I enjoy this adpation of Gatsby ans mainly the soundtrack!

  4. I like the universe created by Baz Luhrmann in this movie: poetic, burlesque, and tragic. It reminds me « Moulin Rouge! » (an another Luhrmann’s film) with this caricatural and very aestheticized staging.
    And, I really love Carey Mulligan, her acting is always so pure and luminous!

  5. I don’t agree with you when you say that there is a great love story between the two main characters.. In a real love story the two characters have to be inlove and Daisy is more interested by money as Gatsby..

  6. I’m agree too. I don’t like specially DiCaprio but in this movie he is very great ! The end made me cry, i admit..!

  7. I love Leonardo too ! He is an amazing actor ! I’m agree with all of you, it’s a really great film. Music, decor etc are amazing !
    Personnally .. I hate Daisy Buchanan, I don’t know why but she irritates me

  8. I find that the character of Gatsby is very moving by his history, he suffered a lot but always kept hope.

  9. I really enjoyed this film for its beauty, delicacy and history. However, I was disappointed with the transparency of some characters but I am very impressed by the good performance of Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Gatsby.

  10. I saw this film last week and I find really beautiful and really gripping. Well, I totally agree with you.

  11. This film is really pleasant. But I prefer the version with Robert Redford, even if I’m more sensitive to the Di Caprio’s charm. What I reproach to the film with Di Caprio, is Daisy. I find her irritating because of her uncionsciousness. On the other side, the music of this modern version is breathtaking because it’s in total harmony with the image, despite it’s anachronistic compared to the Roaring Twenties.

  12. Nice film, I bought it few days ago, and I have to say that, exceptionally, I have been convinced by Leonardo Dicaprio ; by the way there’s a really nice soundtrack too, I hope you noticed it.

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