The King’s speech (2010)

The King’s speech is a film directed by Tom Hooper. The casting is composed By Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush.

Then, I’ll sum up the story. So, the film deals with the famous stuttering of the king George VI. In the wake of the Edward VIII’s abdication ( because he wants to get married with a divorced woman ), a more young son of George V, Albert, becomes the king, George VI. But he suffers from stuttering, so he’s unable to do a speech, without mistakes. So, his wife, Elizabeth, find him a « speech therapist » who works of way not really conventional. Throughout the film, we follow the Albert’s determination to progress and to be worthy to be a King. The film finishes on the famous speech of George VI, on the radio, to declare the World War II.

Personally, this film is well done. We are touched by the evolution of George VI, in the same time, he is. The end let us in tears. What’s more, I watched this film in original version, and I find the british accent so charming, and pleasant to hear. Colin Firth have a lot of charisma, and Geoffroy Rush is funny enough.

So, now, it’s your turn to give your opinion about this film!


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