1984 (movie)

1984 is a novel written by George Orwell. In classroom, we saw the movie by Michael Radford.

The atmosphere is very cold, the rhythm is slow and the story very glaucous. Some of pupils didn’t like this movie but I really enjoyed it ! I love this kind of movies even if they are strange.

However, I found some pretty harsh scenes (like the scene of the torture).

I think George Orwell wrote a very good story, in fact, we can ask : Does Big Brother exist today ? I think yes, Orwell is a kind of anticipator !

What about you ? What do you think about 1984 ?

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  1. I also think that big brother exist today, everyone know the actions of everyone. I think, for example in Facebook because I can see the life of others through a screen.

  2. Even if this film shows the reality of many things mainly about the fact that we are control, I don’t really like the atmosphere…

  3. It wouldn’t be the movie that I would want to watch everyday, but It gave me the envy to read the book ! And, John Hurt plays so well ! I know now why he’s famous ! And yeah, obviously Big Brother exists in some countries : every country wich has dictatorship !

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