Annoying french versions….

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I recently had an argument with a friend of mine, who absolutely wanted to see an english movie in french… How to say, I can’t stand dubbing voices anymore, it’s so annoying ! Moreover the actors’s plays and even the film can suffer of the system : they seem less convincing or even stupid : seriously, do you think that Georges Clooney would make a political speech to the Ohio’s population in French ? (I speak about Ides of march). I’m sure that if we translate international songs in French, I think it would be awkward for everyone. I really prefer watch a movie in its orignal version with subtitles than in french. I noticed that people are often scared of the fact that they could not understand some words and so on. Here are the subtitles to help us so I think we should use it ; in english or in french ! I think that I gained a lot of vocabulary and that my pronounciation has improved thanks to the original versions… The other thing is that if you’re watching some series, you can see the episodes the next day that they have been aired ! Why should we wait just to hear the actors speak in French when we can enjoy their original voices ? ( I think that girls will approve on the fact they prefer listen Dylan O’brien in Teenwolf with his real voice, no ? 😉 )

After this discussion I decided to extend this idea to the books that I read ! (Obvioulsy in English, my level in German is near to 0) I know that it can be hard at first sight to read in english but if you’re motivated it’s really worth it : in few pages, you discovered an amount of structures,new words and expressions. Indeed, you can’t understand the whole thing in one time, you have to be patient and don’t hesitate to read the same page 2 or 3 times. Then you can understand and notice the details, it becomes really really interesting. I think that we should start with short stories or fairy tales, it’s short and not really hard to understand since we already know the story. I’m currently reading the Maze Runner in English and it’s very cool because I you know the story there is a really specific vocabulary related to The Glade and the Gladers : it’s very pleasant to see the original words and it can help you to understand the origins of the french ones.

By the way, it’s just my opinion and I agree on the fact that you maybe prefer to see a movie in french since you can understand it without watching the screen. But tell me what do you think about it ? Do you watch your films/series in french or in english ? Have you already tried to read in english ? How was it ?

I’m waiting for your answers 🙂

Have a nice week-end !

(Hey Georges,what else?)

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  1. I agree, there are some dubbing voice who are awful, but some of them fit the actor so well (for example, Morgan Freeman). But I think the better is to see the original version with french subtitles, and when you feel very at ease, with english subtitles. Personally, after I watched a film three of four times, I put the english subtitles, and everything goes right !

  2. I completely agree with you, i just can’t watch English movies or tv series with the French version anymore. i can understand why people could prefer the French version ( don’t want to read subtitles) but , for me, it’s a disrespect to the original actor who spent a lot of time to work on a way of playing his role and of working on his voice, his intonation.

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