F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in Septemeber 24, 1986 to an upper-middle-class family. He was named to tribute to his distant relative Francis Scott Key who was the lyricist of the National Anthem of America : The Star Spangled Banner.

He was a famous american writer, now known for his novel The Great Gatsby published in 1925, even if this novel did not sell well at the time. He was considered to be the leader of the Lost Generation that was the literary movement between the World War I and the World War II, he was also considered to be one the leaders of the Jazz Age. When he was about forty years he claimed that the death of his two sisters before his birth encourage him to be a writer : « « Well, three months before I was born, my mother lost her other two children … I think I started then to be a writer. »

The end of his life was sad. His wife Zelda became crazy and was taken in a psychiatric hospital, and F. Scott Fitzgerald died while working in something that he hated : scriptwriter in hollywood.

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