Famous photographer

I would like to speak about Steve McCurry, a famous american photographer.

He was born in 1950 in Pensylvania. Since 1986, he is a member of Magnum’s agency. He also works with Reporters Without Borders.

He travels through the world to capture the better instant to transform it into eternity.

Since his youth, Steve McCurry has been using his colour photography to look for the moment when « people forget your camera ».

Maybe you know his famous photo taken in 1985 in a refugee camp where you can see a young Afghan girl with straight and intense look and also beautiful green eyes.

The more interesting about this photo is that 20 years after, the photographer came in Afghanistan and he met again the woman of the photo…

This commited photographer wants to defend the right of all this people who live in poor and dangerous aeras, and it’s why he realizes many portraits to sensibilize the audience.

If you want to see his photos: http://stevemccurry.com/

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  1. I also love this photographer and their pictures are very beautiful and he know how to make sensitive the spectators to report the living condition in poor aera

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