I robot

« I robot » is a SIFI american movie directed by Alex Proyas in 2004 inspired by Isaac Asimov’s  short stories (« the caves of steel » « I robot » and « Robot dreams »). The title is a same of Asimov’s short story  even if the screenplay are remote of the original stories.

In 2035, the robot are implanted in the society. One day, Alfred Lanning a co-founder of the central computer of the US a « roboticist »,  commits suicide. The robots cannot kill a human because they obey at « the three laws of robotics » (a famous laws by Asimov). But the policeman Del Spooner (Will Smith) doesn’t believe in suicide. During the investigation he meets a robotpsychologist » Susan Calvin (Bridget Moynahan) and VIKI, the central computer. Del realizes that it’s maybe a robot who killed Alfed Lanning…

This film has à numerous references like the « anthropomorphism » : it’s a will to create the robots who look like a humans, That is denunciate  by Del. And the traduction of the title « I Robot » (moi, un robot) as if the robot had a self-awareness..

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  1. This is a great adaptation of the Isaac Asimov’s novel with special effect of high qualities. This film prevents humans from the rising power of new technologies and is an interesting reflection on robotics.

  2. When we worked on it in class, i was very captived! I found this theme really interesting and I never saw « I Robot » but I think that I will watch it !

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