Playing for change

Playing for Change is a musical project which puts in scene musicians of the whole world to diffuse a message of peace. The Foundation Playing for Change is an organization intended for the development of music schools throughout the world. In 2008, a first music school is created in the suburbs of Cape Town, in South Africa. In 2010 two built and opened music schools: The Music school and of Dance Bizung in Ghana, The Music school in Mali. The Foundation Playing for Change develops also educational programs in Nepal and Rwanda in collaboration with other organizations.
I particularly like this foundation, you can only smile by seeing their videos. I really hope that you will have time to go to see them! And that you will like!! They have an official site, don’t hesitate to go to see!! Their songs are always very original mixing the origins of each one, of the instruments which we don’t have the practice to hear in France.

I leave you with a recovery of Bob Marley “One love” Good listening! and especially leave a comment to say to us what think you 🙂

PS : Sometimes, of the known musicians unite with them, then look at the vidéos well!!!

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