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I just wanted to share a little personal experiment about reading in English. I mean, obviously we all aready have read a text in English but did any of you already read a whole book ? Yes, no, maybe (which would actually mean something like partly but I gave up)

Well, I don’t know for you but I did and if I can advise you something it would be to start with something easier than the classic literature we do in class because there are a few things we might not undertand such as vocabulary and that would lead to the the « maybe » I talked about earlier and we don’t want that to happen, do we ?

Starting from here readind a recent book wether it’s a novel or a short story it doesn’t really matter just whatever you usually like to read seems like a good idea because it would give you a idea on wether you like reading in English or not. And maybe with time you’ll enjoy it enough to start reading classics in English, who knows ?

Personaly, I only read two books in English The woods by Harlan Coben and No Place like home by Mary Higgins Clark, those books are both thrillers and really well written one if you want my opinion and I’m keen on these kind of books.To give you a short summary it’s about a man, Paul Copeland, who is dealing with a lot old supposely buried secrets, including twisted family secrets but also unresolved murder and diseapearing cases while the second one is about a woman, Celia Foster who comes back to unexpectidely comes back to her town, in a house where ten years ago a little girl was accused of her mother’s murder. I’m sorry it’s so short it’s not even a summary but I’d probably just give you the whole story line with the end if I try to tell you more. But I really advise to look for summarys and give it a try because it’s defintlely worth it.

Now, if you want to give your opinion about any books you think are worth reading or on the two books I just mentionedo r even on this very article then feel welcome to do so.

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  1. At the beginning it could be difficult but you’re English is really better after that, so I recommand everyone to read/ watch in English 😉

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