Scorsese: the master of organized crime

Who would have thought that Martin Scorsese had a passion for novels dealing with organized crime? Two novels written by Nicholas Pileggi were adapted for the screen by the famous director. Today, in my opinion, these films are the best of his career. Moreover, they have expanded his reputation.

Thus, Wiseguy: Life in a Mafia Family written in 1986 became Goodfellas in 1990 and Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas written in 1995 became Casino the same year. For both, Pileggi and Scorsese took part in the writing of screenplays. For the cast, the director did not hesitate to call two great actors, namely Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci. The two actors met on the shooting of Raging Bull in 1980 directed by… Scorsese, of course! In both films, these two legends steal the scene. They will stay icons forever.

Another film about this topic will be directed by the director, The Departed (2006), but without de Niro, without Pesci and without Pileggi

You can see the trailers here for more details on this film:

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