The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel it's a movie of Wes Anderson telling the story of a concierge, Mr. Gustave and one of his employees, Zero Mustafa, they both worked at The Grand Budapest Hotel which explains the title of the movie.

The movie had been inspired of the novels of Stefan Zweig a famous Austrian writer of Jewish origins born in 1881; he had to flee in the middle of the 1934's because of the rise to power of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

The characters also flee in the all movie because they had stolen a famous painting called "Boy with Apple" and we found the influence of the Stefan Zweig's novels because the director has set a fake army which represent the Nazi's army and the hate of strangers that the author has replaced in his autobiographic novel "The World of Yesterday". Stefan Zweig and his wife get suicide in 1942 not long after Hitler gave the order to killed Jewish people in Europe.

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  1. I’ve seen this film at cinema. And, it’s wonderful! The images look like masterpieces. The landcapes are dramatic, and the projet is succeeded.

  2. I was not particulary impressed by the story, but visually, it’s simply amazing. i love the work done for each shot. i also love the cast ( Anderson’s cast is always well chosen) espacially Tilda Swinton, Mathieu Amalric or Bill Muray. I think it’s one of the best Anderson’s movie, but, my favorite stays definitely  » The Royal Tenenbaums ».

  3. I haven’t watched « Royal Tenenbaums » but it seems so funny and amazing given to what you’ve told me!

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